Bouquets: Strangers disrupt plans to offer help

Strangers disrupt plans to offer help

On the night of Aug 23, I slipped and fell while crossing East Coast Road near Holy Family Church.

A group of three men and two women came to my assistance. They helped me up and got me a chair to sit on.

As I was bleeding from a wound on my head, they called for an ambulance and kept me company until it arrived.

I thank them for their kindness and help in my time of need. I did not manage to get their names, but I appreciate their care and concern for me, especially since I was keeping them from their dinner plans.

I have recovered well and will long remember their kindness.

Low Hin Soon

Doctor went beyond call of duty

At around 11pm on Aug 20, my mother-in-law suddenly collapsed at home.

I immediately called for an ambulance and began performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on her. I also sent my children to ask our neighbour, Dr David Mathew, of the Singapore General Hospital, for help.

He came quickly and immediately took over CPR from me. Together with the paramedics, he expertly controlled the tense situation. His family also gave us moral support throughout the whole ordeal.

His dedication and professionalism touched my family. He went beyond the call of duty to try to save a life.

Even though my mother-in-law died, my family and I appreciate Dr Mathew for his efforts, and thank him from the bottom of our hearts for his care and concern.

Tamilselvi Muniyandy (Madam)

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