Bouquets: Stranger who soothed pain away

Stranger who soothed pain away

While shopping with my helper at John Little on Nov 30, I suffered very bad cramps in my feet. I was rooted to the spot and could not even take my feet out of my shoes.

A stranger named Vanna helped me to a seat. Without hesitation, she propped my foot up on a stack of shoe boxes and began massaging it for a good 10 to 15 minutes.

As she did so, she gave me advice on what to do.

She continued massaging until the cramp stopped. Even then, she continued to show concern as to whether I could walk.

I am very thankful for her help. Her simple act of kindness really touched me.

Teresa Shanmugam (Mrs)

Good Samaritans come to the rescue

On Nov 22, I fell while taking a short-cut up the stairs of Sea Shell Park in Pasir Ris.

My left knee cap caved in and there was no one around to help. Also, I did not have my mobile phone with me. A woman by the name of Alice came and called an ambulance for me.

The ambulance team comforted me as they took me to Changi General Hospital, where the accident and emergency department doctor and nurses attended to me immediately.

They also contacted my daughter for me and her kind boss, Ms Chong Pik Wan, quickly relieved my daughter of her work so she could attend to me.

I was hospitalised in Ward 37 where the nurse and staff took good care of me, and the physiotherapist taught me how to move carefully without aggravating my injuries.

I salute and thank these people who helped me. I felt valued, which expedited my healing.

Sim Ah Moy (Madam)

Touched by foreign workers' heroism

I was touched by Mr Rengasamy Kabilarasan and Mr Marudapillai Jayavelu's courage and public spiritedness ("Duo recognised for heroic act in blaze"; Dec 1).

They were willing to sacrifice themselves in an attempt to save the lives and property of others during the blaze at Sunset Place.

I hope we do not take foreign workers for granted. They can be the eyes and ears in our neighbourhoods, and be relied on in emergencies.

Let us show our gratitude and appreciation for their contributions to our country and people.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

Patient assistance from lifeguard

I am a physically challenged girl.

On Nov 28, my father was helping me out of the pool at Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex when my left toe was cut by the sharp edge of the pool tiles.

It bled profusely and my father approached a lifeguard, Mr Albert Phua, for help.

Mr Phua led me to the lifeguard office and applied some medicine and antiseptic cream on my wound and bandaged it. He did all this with a lot of patience. I am very grateful to him.

Chuan Chen (Ms)

Safe escort through the storm

On Nov 14, I was near the POSB branch in Yishun Central when it started to rain. I was in a fix, as I did not have an umbrella and had to go for a medical appointment at the polyclinic across the road.

I spotted a man with a big umbrella and asked if he could help me. I added that because I have severe arthritis pain in my knees, I had to walk slowly.

With a smile, he said: "Don't worry, I will take you to the polyclinic safely."

I was very touched by him and his words of encouragement. I thank him for his kind deed.

A.I. John Balasundram

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