Bouquets: SMRT team deserves praise

SMRT trains undergoing maintenance at the Kim Chuan Depot, on Nov 16, 2018.
SMRT trains undergoing maintenance at the Kim Chuan Depot, on Nov 16, 2018.PHOTO: ST FILE

SMRT team deserves praise

I was part of a tour to SMRT's Kim Chuan depot, the largest depot in Singapore, last month.

The experience was unique and fascinating. We tested out the emergency buttons, activated the emergency train exit and also learnt about the underground unsung heroes.

At the depot, we learnt how trains are maintained daily. Despite the humid conditions underground, the operators work tirelessly and faithfully.

At the control centre, lined with closed-circuit televisions from stations with real-time updates on train operations, we saw how the team works 24/7 to ensure that islandwide transport is functioning well.

We often take our smooth transport systems for granted. After the learning journey, I understand better the complexity behind transport operations which many commuters have never considered, from how these people work to how they deal with the public's enquires and emergency situations.

It is daunting to imagine a Singapore without them. For that, I want to affirm their efforts and am thankful for this experience.

Li Sitong (Ms)

Kudos for seeing value in greenery

It brings me joy to know that our country is furthering its identity as a garden city through the opening of active spaces islandwide (36km trail linking Jurong Lake Gardens to Coney Island Park officially launched, March 30; and Park the size of 7 football fields to open at Bukit Gombak in early 2020, March 31).

Our island is small, and to open up 36km of cycling pathways from coast to coast is a great feat of urban planning.

Each square metre of the park at Bukit Gombak was carefully allocated. It is heartening that we are seeing value in greenery and space for outdoor activity.

Having more parks and park connectors means more spaces for families to bond during weekends, cycling routes for people to explore with friends, scenery for weekend photographers, longer and less boring routes for marathon runners, more flora and fauna for wildlife enthusiasts and so much more.

I wholeheartedly welcome these initiatives.

Yip Jen Wei

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