Bouquets : SMRT staff not afraid to give hands-on help

SMRT staff not afraid to give hands-on help

On the morning of March 14, I sought the help of Ms Aileen Goh, who works at the Tanah Merah MRT station, when the sole came off my shoe.

She willingly offered to help me and swiftly gave me a seat when she found out that I was heading for acupuncture treatment for my leg.

She examined my shoe in her hands, despite my warnings that it was dirty and unhygienic.

She told me not to worry, and said that if we are afraid to dirty our hands, then what about farmers and menial workers?

Meanwhile, she generously used her own glue to fix my shoe and ensured it was properly repaired before handing it back to me.

I am deeply touched by her kindness and willingness to render assistance to me, an elderly commuter. I give her my heartfelt thanks. She has made SMRT proud.

Chan Yin Keng (Ms)

Kind nurses calm young girl's nerves

My five-year-old daughter was recently admitted to Raffles Hospital.

She was very afraid and apprehensive, but the three nurses at the nursery, Ward 8, were more than friendly.

Nurses Jhoeanna Lyn, Helen and Wong reassured her every time before giving her medication, and took the time to check in on her almost constantly to ensure that she was comfortable.

I am very appreciative of these three nurses who calmed my daughter and helped nurse her back to health.

Sherry Ng Kuan Mei (Ms)

Cheerful driver makes passenger's day

I compliment the bus driver who was driving SBS Transit Service 31 at around 8.15am on March 10.

This was my second time on his bus and I observed that he cheerfully greeted all his passengers when they boarded and alighted from the bus. His positive outlook and pleasant demeanour made my day.

I salute him for not only ensuring and providing us with a safe journey, but also for making the extra effort to keep all his passengers happy.

In my view, he not only enjoys his job but is also proud of it.

He is an excellent role model for other bus drivers.

Pang Wen Sze (Ms)

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