Bouquets :SMRT driver was warm, friendly

SMRT driver was warm, friendly

I took an SMRT bus driven by Mr Chia Boon Siong on Nov 17, headed for Changi Airport.

Mr Chia was very warm and friendly. As passengers boarded the bus, he greeted them "Morning! Zao an!" and called out "Thank you! Terimah kasih!" as they alighted.

He even announced the stop or destination sometimes. For instance, he called out "Hospital" as we reached Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. He managed the crowded bus effectively without being overbearing.

Sitting on Mr Chia's bus was a real pleasure. I am sure his service will brighten up any passenger's day.

Lin Junjie

Prompt service from HDB officer

Two years ago, I asked the Housing Board to install grip bars (under the Enhancement for Active Seniors programme) so that my aged mother could support herself when using the toilet. Recently, I noticed that she was struggling to reach the bars because of her weak arms. I was concerned that she would fall.

On Nov 14, I contacted Mr Chong Swee Heng of the HDB branch office in Sengkang, requesting that the grip bars to be lowered. I was surprised to receive a call later that day from Mr Chong, who said he had arranged for a contractor to do so two days later.

I was impressed with the swiftness with which Mr Chong handled my request and even more so when I found out that he was no longer the officer in charge of the HDB area where my mother resided.

I have heard many cases of frustrating bureaucracy, where calls are transferred from one department to another.

My encounter with HDB's Mr Chong was a refreshing experience, indeed.

Dave Phua Peng Hwee

Shown kindness at every turn

My husband needed to see a doctor urgently one night at about 11.30pm and messaged a neighbour to ask if he knew of a 24-hour clinic nearby.

The good man not only offered to drive my husband to the accident and emergency department at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH), but also stayed with him until he was attended to.

At 3am, my neighbour called to tell me that my husband had been put through a battery of tests and might have to stay in hospital for a few days. At 6am, he updated me on the ward and bed number.

My first visit to NTFGH also left an indelible impression on me. At the visitor counter, the staff were sympathetic and patient.

A customer officer walked me to the lifts and reminded me what my husband's ward number was.

When the lift door opened, I must have looked quite lost. A smartly dressed woman, probably a doctor, understood my predicament and led me to the ward. There, the nurses, doctors and orderlies were attentive, polite and conscientious.

A week after he was discharged, my husband had a fall and went to the A&E again. This time, I was able to accompany him.

He was sent away to have some X-rays done and when I later asked the nurse on duty if she could locate him for me, she not only did so but also insisted on guiding me through what seemed like a maze to where he was on a gurney. Another nurse gently explained to me that he had to stay the night and that I could visit the next day .

I am grateful to have been shown kindness at every turn, which contradicts what one sees and hears nowadays in the media.

Amy Lim Quee Neo (Ms)

Patient, helpful staff at State Courts

I am 67 years old, with very little knowledge of the Internet or computers. So when I went to the Community Justice and Tribunals Division recently, I had to depend on Ms Tan Mei Choo, Mr David Ong and Ms Belinda Chng, who where manning the front desk.

Although all three were helpful, it was Ms Tan who stood out. She was very patient and courteous .

I had a few forms to fill in and had much difficulty doing so at a computer meant for public use.

Seeing me in trouble and struggling, without being asked, Ms Tan came over to help me.

She was very thoughtful and told me to take along a flash drive for the next visit, so that she could download the necessary forms for me. This was to enable me to fill in the forms at my own pace at home and to get help from my family members, if needed.

She even showed me how all the forms should be bound after completion and where I could easily get this done, which is next door at People's Park Centre.

I was at the State Courts on two occasions, and she spent about two hours with me each time. I am very impressed with Ms Tan's attentiveness and service.

Wee Gim Leong

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