Bouquets : Small gesture speaks volumes

Small gesture speaks volumes

I went to Victoria Junior College on March 30 to pick up my son. As it was raining heavily, I waited in my car. Then, a student came over to offer me the use of his umbrella.

This may be a small gesture but it reflects on the school and the values it inculcates in its students.

I hope more students can be like this student. Each gracious act can make for a better and kinder society.

Goh Geok Huat

Light through pain of mental illness

I have battled a bipolar disorder over the past 40 years.

It has been an extremely painful journey. In the 1980s, when mental illness was less known, I bore the illness with shame and guilt.

On one occasion, I decided to try and end my life, but was taken to the hospital in time.

I still battle suicidal tendencies, but I am blessed to have a supportive family and friend who enable me to continue to fight the depression.

I am grateful to the many psychiatrists whom I have consulted over the years, and who have been compassionate, kind and personal.

I also thank Professor Chong Siow Ann (An enigma of sadness and fear; April 4) for educating us on mental illness.

Jessie Ng (Ms)

Fast responses saved wife's life

In the early hours of March 1, my 38-year-old wife had a stroke, and it was the incredibly quick response time of the Singapore Civil Defence Force ambulance service and Singapore General Hospital that saved her.

It was incredibly reassuring when a calm voice answered my 995 call and said that an ambulance had been dispatched.

We live in a complex warren of apartment blocks, corridors and lifts, but the SCDF team navigated it quickly and were able to get my wife to SGH quickly.

There is no way to thank the SCDF team enough.

At the hospital, the accident and emergency team took over and stabilised her. She was then treated with the best care possible at the neuroscience intensive care unit.

One month on, my wife is progressing with her physiotherapy at SGH. The whole process of treatment and rehabilitation was so well-planned and executed. It was remarkable.

We all pray never to need the emergency services, but we can be confident that, when needed, they will be there and will perform well.

John Wadham

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