Bouquets: Simple gesture to save time

Simple gesture to save time

My friend, who was visiting from Britain recently, went to Giant hypermarket in Tampines and selected two flower bouquets.

We joined the queue to pay but it looked to be a long wait.

As we looked around for a shorter queue, store employee Nizamuddin B.S. approached my friend and confirmed that she had only two items.

Even though it was not the norm, he led us to the service counter to make the purchase.

My friend was greatly impressed by this simple act.

All large stores should have people like Mr Nizamuddin.

His gesture helped us save time and avoid inconvenience and exasperation, both for us and for our waiting husbands.

Vivien Tan (Mrs)

Helping hand from soldier

On the evening of Aug 6, my wife and I were queueing for a taxi at Nex shopping mall.

When it was our turn to board a taxi, my wife struggled to haul our seven big bags of groceries to the cab.

To her surprise, a young man in army uniform appeared and offered to help. We gratefully thanked him, but forgot to ask him for his name.

Once again, we thank this young soldier who has been well brought up by his family and well trained by his army.

Kammo Liu

Unsung heroes of hospitals

My recent 14-day stay at Singapore General Hospital has made me realise how fortunate I am to be a pioneer in this country.

I thank doctors Wee Chee Keong, Chin Kok Ping, Colin Tan, Thirul and Tracy Carol Ayre; nurses Alex Tot, Kathigaven N.V. and Jay Ng; as well as rehabilitation staff Ivan Gerald Lee, Michelle Lim, Melissa Pei and Hana, for their excellent care.

During my stay, I had the opportunity to observe the doctors and nurses going about their tasks, and I appreciate the time and effort they put in.

The nurses are truly the unsung heroes who help the hospital industry tick smoothly.

Lawrence Wong Puck Tuck

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