Bouquets: Service superstar went the extra mile

Service superstar went the extra mile

Recently, I bumped into Delphine, the former manager of the Delifrance bakery kiosk at Coronation Plaza.

I casually commented that my family missed the flavoured bread and microwaveable meals that she used to sell.

She took my contact number and got back to me a few days later, telling me where I could purchase the bread and meals. She also sent me photos of the products and their prices.

I applaud Delphine for listening to my family's needs and going the extra mile to source for the food to satisfy my family's cravings, even though she is no longer an employee of Delifrance.

She is really a service superstar.

Emily Cheung Sock Hoon (Madam)

Good show on NS enlistment day

I recently attended my grandson's national service enlistment at the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) on Pulau Tekong.

The induction programme arranged by the BMTC provided very impressive insights into the institution's amenities and facilities. It even included a food-tasting session, where all visitors sampled the meals that would be served daily to enlistees.

The chartered buses and ferry service that took us to the BMTC were comfortable and convenient. There was no room for dissatisfaction.

Kudos to the Ministry of Defence for a very enlightened public relations exercise.

Joseph Hooi Liang Kee

Tough job, but great care given

I commend the nurses and staff of Singapore General Hospital for the wonderful and caring service shown to my mother, Madam Mary Catherine Ng Soon Hee.

My mum was hospitalised in Block 7, Ward 67, Room 6 after her hip surgery.

The nurses and staff were dedicated and did their job professionally and with a lot of passion, care and sincerity.

They had a heavy workload, tight schedule and demanding patients, yet they carried out their work without complaints or even a frown.

I thank them very much and hope they will keep up the good work and be a source of inspiration to nurses throughout our healthcare system.

Jason Mark Walklin

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