Bouquets : Rain no dampener to driver's kindness

Rain no dampener to driver's kindness

I commend the driver who drove SMRT bus service 975 at around 2.30pm on Dec 22.

It was raining and I was making my way to the bus stop close to the junction of Jalan Ibadat and Old Choa Chu Kang Road.

I had hardly taken a few steps before I heard the bus driver sound his horn. The bus then stopped for me to climb aboard even though I had not reached the bus stop.

I was surprised and most grateful. Perhaps he feared that, as I am elderly and walk with halting steps, I would be drenched before I could reach the bus stop.

He showed the same concern for other passengers as well.

A few stops away, he stopped for two women who were hastening for the bus. Later, he also waited for a teen who was rushing from a nearby void deck, where he had taken shelter from the rain.

I did not expect a public bus driver to be so thoughtful. His gracious gestures to commuters caught in heavy rain are heart-warming and inspiring, and show that kindness does abound in our urban community.

Rahmat Ali Abdul Karim

Strangers help prevent the worst

Last month, as I was exiting the train at Rochor MRT station, my right foot became trapped by the closing door.

The door did not open and the train looked set to accelerate.

I was preparing for the worst when strangers in the train cabin rushed over to keep the door ajar and prevent the train from leaving.

Three others on the platform, one of whom was Lance-Corporal W. K. Tay, hurried over to render assistance as well.

They forced the door open and I managed to free myself.

I am heartily grateful for their quick response and kindness.

I hope they will inspire more people to come forward to render assistance to those in need.

Edison Chen

Saved in Moscow

Kudos to the staff at the Singapore Embassy in Moscow, especially the consul, Mr Jonathan Tan and Miss Sofyah for their help and concern.

We were scheduled to fly home on Dec 29, last year, after our vacation in Russia.

However, due to the late arrival of the taxi we booked and traffic congestion, we missed our flight.

A ticketing agent at the airport arranged for her "director" to assist us.

Grateful, we accepted her offer and paid a princely sum for visa extensions and would have paid a lot more for replacement air tickets had the credit card transaction been successful.

We realised it was a scam only when we were charged about $1,500 for the taxi ride to a hotel to rest for the night.

A friend gave us the contact of the Singapore embassy.

In one afternoon, they got our money returned to us, assisted in visa extensions officially and helped us lodge a police report - all without us having to leave our hotel room.

I'm really impressed with the friendliness, efficiency and genuine concern showered upon us by the embassy staff.

We're now safely back in Singapore - and really grateful to be home.

Many thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this extra "duty" of rescuing hapless citizens abroad.

Keep up the good work!

Basil Wu Ming Jark (Dr)

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