Bouquets: Raffles City officer's help for lost friend

Raffles City officer's help for lost friend

I commend Raffles City customer service officer Victor Huang for directing my friend, who was frantically looking for me within the mall, to my location last Friday.

Mr Huang offered his assistance when he saw me having difficulty explaining my whereabouts to my friend.

He offered to call her to describe exactly where I was.

I appreciate his kindness, despite his having to attend to another customer at the same time. Singapore should encourage such an attitude in its service providers.

I hope many will adopt Mr Huang's attitude in serving the public.

Koh Huining (Miss)

Good work done behind the scenes

Recently, I helped my wife's cousin to apply for a government subsidy for her mother, who is a long-time resident at Peacehaven Nursing Home.

I was impressed with the dedication, compassion, diligence and efficiency of senior medical social worker Doreen Lim, who helped us with the application.

Ms Lim kept us in the loop with regular updates and held our hands through the entire process. Through it all, she remained patient, cheerful, amiable and supportive.

She showed great concern for my aunt-in-law, and her sense of duty and commitment hugely allayed my cousin-in-law's anxiety about her mother's health. Ms Lim's dedication in expediting the application and securing a positive outcome was an added assurance.

We are gratified and impressed by Ms Lim. Her efforts to go the extra mile warmed our hearts and brought a smile to our faces.

Ho Kong Loon

Great care at Ng Teng Fong hospital

I thank the medical team at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital for the outstanding level of care shown to my father during his time there.

Uncompromised medical attention was displayed from the moment my father was admitted to the Accident and Emergency Department, and throughout the course of his treatment.

The medical team acted quickly and systematically to identify the cause of his illness.

During this process, a handful of departments and doctors were involved and all of them kept us updated. Their expertise greatly reduced the stress my family faced at the time.

The good care continued during the clinical reviews following my father's discharge.

I thank Dr Choo Chuan Gee, Dr Lin Li, Dr Tan Chee Seng and Dr Soon Yuen for all they have done.

As for the ward nurses, it would not be an overstatement to call them angels in white.

Kudos to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital; I hope the staff keep up the good work.

Ngui Yong Siang

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