Bouquets: Prompt removal of unsafe tree

Prompt removal of unsafe tree

Recently, I noticed that the leaves on the tree behind my block were turning brown, with no sign of new leaves growing.

I was worried that strong winds would topple the tree, which is about 6m tall.

So I wrote to the Tampines Town Council. The staff members responded promptly and efficiently.

Within the day, the tree was assessed and eventually removed.

I am glad that such swift action was taken to ensure the safety of the residents.

I hope a new tree will be planted there for birds to take shelter in.

Tan Gek Noi (Ms)

Small change, big helping hand

On Dec 20, I went to deposit my coins at the Certis Cisco coin deposit service at Jurong Logistics Hub, but the taxi driver dropped me at the wrong end of the building.

The marketing trolley that I carried my coins in soon gave way and it was impossible for me to lug the tonnes of coins to the other wing of the building where the coin depot is located, about 700m away.

Seeing my helplessness, a supervisor of Ascent Supplies Link asked his fellow worker, Mr Mohd Hairisham, to help me.

Mr Hairisham hand-carried the heavy coins all the way to the coin depot on the third level of the building, and did so cheerfully.

He declined any monetary reward from me.

His kind act left me speechless and deeply appreciative.

I wish Mr Hairisham and his family a new year filled with joy, peace and security.

Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon (Ms)

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