Bouquets :Patients matter with this doc

Patients matter with this doc

After my father had a poor encounter with a doctor at a restructured hospital, I was apprehensive when he was to meet Dr Yip King Fan at Singapore General Hospital.

We waited about three hours to see him as he wanted to clear his follow-up cases before seeing us as a new case, we were told.

When it was our turn, Dr Yip was attentive, kind and thorough in his questions and examination. He did not compromise on time and quality of care, despite the rumblings we could hear from other patients waiting in the queue.

He did not behave as if he were on a factory assembly line, but made my father feel like he was important and that his health mattered to him.

Patient care is not about having a cookie-cutter style or berating a patient to extract information on his ailment.

Rather, it is about gentle, sincere and genuine care.

I am very pleased and grateful that Dr Yip is true to his calling as a doctor. I appreciate his efforts and hope that he and other doctors will continue to care for seniors from their heart.

Juliana Ang Hiok Lian

Public hospital staff deserve more credit

My recent visits to Tan Tock Seng Hospital's Urology Department were rather positive experiences.

The staff at the registration counters at Clinic 2A were patient and considerate.

Making payment was also pleasant. The staff explained the costs and the available payment modes. They also provided financial counselling as well as directions to make appointments for other procedures.

I was attended to by Dr Nathaniel Heah Hong En.

On my first visit, he explained my diagnosis. I was to undergo a CT scan and cystoscopy. He explained the procedures in detail and was very reassuring.

On the consultation following my CT scan, Dr Heah sensed my nervousness about the results and gave me a reassuring smile to indicate that everything was all right.

Professionals in the public healthcare centre do not receive enough credit.

I am very comforted that patients can experience such professional care from a public hospital. The excellent services rendered by the staff go a long way to help me cope with my medical conditions.

Christopher Teo Kian Lam

Foreign doc relates well with patients

My mother and son were seen by Dr Jooty Nitin at Marine Parade Polyclinic on separate occasions.

Although Dr Nitin is not from Singapore, he was able to relate well with his patients. He listened attentively to them and was able to address their concerns.

Furthermore, he also has a friendly disposition, which is an important quality when working in a polyclinic where the workload can be quite heavy.

Goh Geok Huat

Simple text message goes a long way

I visited the FairPrice at Orchid Country Club and was attended to by store manager Luke. The soya bean I wanted was out of stock and he took down my number and sent me a text message a few days later to inform me that the stock had arrived. He reserved the amount I wanted and all I had to do was to pick it up from the cashier.

Although it was just a simple text message to alert me, the fact that he bothered to follow up deserves praise. His positive attitude has left a lasting impression on this shopper. Thank you very much.

Sherry Ng

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