Bouquets: Patient bus driver sets good example

Patient bus driver sets good example

On Jan 7 at 1pm, I got on board an SBS Transit bus (SBS8879E) and was pleasantly surprised to have the driver politely greet me.

He drove smoothly and was careful to make sure that passengers alighted and got on the bus slowly, and was not impatient to drive off. He even advised me to alight at another bus stop so that it would be safer, because I, as a senior citizen, would not have to cross the road.

His caring attitude towards passengers is truly hard to find.

I hope he can be used as an example for other bus drivers.

Constance Jacobs (Mrs)

Excellent service from post office

I have used the services of Siglap Post Office regularly for about a year and have consistently experienced good service. However, one incident stands out.

On Jan 8, I went to the post office to send some materials to Bangladesh by Speedpost.

All packing and airfreight charges were paid for. However, after two hours, my office realised that the invoice was incorrect, so I went back to the post office to retrieve the parcel.

Miss Winnie and Mr Jerold were most helpful. They pulled my parcel from the postal bags, cancelled the delivery order and returned me the airfreight charges. All this was done expeditiously and without any fuss.

I could not have asked for more. I thank them for their excellent service.

Lim Buan Teng

Grateful for care from NUH doctors

My mother was admitted to the National University Hospital from Nov 4 to Dec 6 last year.

She was first under the care of Dr Lai Kah Wing in Ward 54 , and was subsequently under Dr Eugene Fan's care in Ward 58.

My family and I are very thankful for Dr Lai's concern, even though he attended to my mother for only a brief period.

He was swift in getting the family together to take us through what to expect. Later, he even visited my mother in her new ward, even though she was no longer under his care.

After a battery of tests and scans, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma.

The trauma and pain she endured, as well as the emotional struggles our family went through, are beyond words.

But they were made much more bearable by Dr Fan and his team at Ward 58.

We are deeply grateful to Dr Fan for his professionalism and empathy in guiding our decision-making, his patience with our difficult requests and, most importantly, his genuine concern for my mother.

He was also quick to follow up on all issues, whether they were within his jurisdiction or not. We cannot thank Dr Fan enough and we wish him all the best.

Angelia Ho (Madam)

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