Bouquets: Park connector's good Samaritans

Park connector's good Samaritans

On Jan 22, at 5.20pm, I was cycling at a park connector a few metres away from Waterway Point in Punggol when I fell off my bicycle.

As I lay on the ground by the cycling lane, a number of people jogged by me, asked if I was all right and then went off.

Then, a man in his 30s came by and helped me up. He asked me where I lived and offered to get a cab to take me home.

I was embarrassed to accept the offer, so he walked with me and pushed my bike towards Waterway Point so I could clean myself up.

On the way, he asked me to wait at a void deck as he went to get some stuff from his home nearby.

While I waited, a woman came by to ask if I was all right. She, too, offered to get me a cab, but I again rejected the offer out of embarrassment. She then went to a nearby clinic to get a bottle of water to clean my wound.

About 10 minutes later, the man returned with cleaning solution and some plasters. He cleaned and dressed my wound, and also called a cab. He gave me $20 for the fare and then helped me to remove the wheels from my bike so that it could be placed in the boot.

I did not get the names of the man and woman, but I am very grateful for their help. They are really the hope of humanity in every way.

Lee An

Cabby's kindness in a remote area

Last month, I was in Sungei Kadut trying to get a cab to go to Sin Ming.

I waited for 20 minutes and was about to call for a cab when I spotted an empty SMRT cab and flagged it down.

I was disappointed when I saw the sign that said "Woodlands".

However, instead of driving off after realising that I was going in a different direction, the driver offered to take me to the main road (Woodlands Road).

He decided to let me alight at Kranji MRT station so that it would be easier for me to get a cab or take public transport.

When we arrived at the MRT station, I offered to pay him for the trip, but he refused, saying it was on his way anyway.

I thank him for his helpfulness and his kind heart. It was very thoughtful of him to give me a lift instead of leaving me to wait for another cab in a remote area.

Steven Lim Soo Huat

Efficient service from public officer

I recently lost my wallet containing some money as well as a number of important cards.

To my surprise and delight, I was able to obtain my civil service card, senior citizens' card, temporary identity card and driving licence all within the space of a few hours.

I thank Ms Jenny Lim of the Accountant-General's Office (Pensions Branch), who not only agreed to prepare a replacement card, but also did so with speed, courtesy and efficiency, even though it was a short working day (New Year's Eve).

When I expressed my gratitude to her, she modestly said that it was her duty to serve the public expeditiously.

Ms Lim's mantra of service excellence is testament to the efficient and incorrupt bureaucracy that has been one of the key contributors to Singapore's success since independence.

V. Subramaniam (Dr)

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