Bouquets: Natural treasures in Singapore

Natural treasures in Singapore

I am sure many people are aware how fabulously exotic Singapore can be - behind its skyscrapers.

I moved here seven months ago and now live in Bukit Timah, within close proximity to a number of delightful jungle trails.

Monkeys, large lizards, birds, boars, frogs and snakes have all made their presence felt within the stunning forest setting.

What a privilege to have such oases at our doorstep.

I commend the National Parks Board for doing a great job of looking after them and urge all locals to enjoy their time in these national treasures.

James Stuart Moore

Steps challenge a great programme

I am a retiree from the pioneer generation. I would like to commend the Health Promotion Board on the National Steps Challenge programme.

My family and I each received a step tracker with watch function and we have benefited from it.

First, the steps challenge has given us motivation to exercise more.

Second, we have been walking together, comparing steps, cheering each other on, and this has helped strengthen the family bond. Finally, on top of all this, we also received vouchers for use at our preferred grocery stores.

I really want to commend the team who conceptualised this programme.

Congratulations, SIA

I am delighted that Singapore Airlines has been named Airline of the Year for 2019 by product rating review website (Airline of the Year for 2019: Singapore Airlines; Nov 22).

Needless to say, the ambience in every SIA aircraft, the impeccable conduct and behaviour of the cabin crew, and the fine cuisine catering to passengers from diverse cultures and regions leave a lasting impression on everyone.

All employees, right from the staff at the check-in counters to the chairman, deserve to be congratulated for their dedicated efforts and should take pride in securing this top honour.

Sreemulanathan Krishna Iyer

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