Bouquets: Missing cash handed to police

Missing cash handed to police

On Dec 27 last year, at about 4.30pm, while at the POSB ATM next to Potong Pasir FairPrice, I accidentally left an envelope containing cash on top of the ATM.

When I realised this later and rushed back to the ATM, the envelope was missing.

I reported the matter at the nearby police station and, after verifying and confirming the details, the policeman informed me that someone had handed the cash to the station.

The police would not disclose the identity of the kind man, but I am grateful and touched by his act.

Serene Tan Hwee Luan (Ms)

Kindness at MRT station

My gratitude goes to the staff of Yew Tee MRT station and considerate passengers who helped me when I felt unwell in the train on Dec 23 last year.

Passengers on the train helped me to a seat and then out onto the platform at Yew Tee MRT station, where I had a few moments of respite under their watchful eyes, while waiting for a family member to pick me up.

One young man, in helping me carry my bags out of the train, left his own behind. I hope he got his belongings back. My sincere thanks to the SMRT staff who accompanied me as I made my way home in a wheelchair, as they wanted to ensure that I got back safely.

Jezreel Pillai (Ms)

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