Bouquets: Many benefits to ActiveSG and sports

Many benefits to ActiveSG and sports

Sport Singapore should be applauded for creating the ActiveSG platform to encourage Singaporeans to be active and live better through sport (ActiveSG - a one-off incentive to get S'poreans started; Dec 1).

The benefits that sport and physical activity bring to the body and the mind are well-known.

Child development experts have emphasised the importance of physical activity through play for infants and toddlers.

History, too, is inundated with testimonies of people who became stronger mentally and physically through different kinds of sports.

Sport also instils desirable traits such as discipline and dignified sportsmanship in people, and is useful as a management tool to reframe failure and victory not as end-states but, rather, as learning opportunities to recalibrate and improve.

In many instances, sport has also proven to be a great narrator of the strength of the human spirit.

As a national initiative, ActiveSG brings Singapore's multiracial and multicultural communities together to celebrate life and better themselves regardless of their demographic backgrounds and circumstances.

Woon Wee Min

Attentive service  by foreign staff

Recently, my brother had an eye operation at the National University Hospital (NUH).

I was extremely impressed by the attentive service. From the check-in registration to the time he was discharged the following day, we were given whatever assistance we needed with plenty of smiles.

While most of the administrative staff were Singaporeans, nine out of 10 nursing and clinical staff were foreigners. I am really grateful to these foreigners. Without them, NUH would not be able to operate so superbly, I think.

We should treat foreign workers with grace and respect.

Ong Poh Seng

Iras officers helpful, showed initiative

Last year, I went to the office of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras) to fill up my corporate tax form.

There, an officer assisted me.

This year, I tried to do it on my own at home but failed. I made an appointment to go down to the Iras office two days later.

However, the next morning, an Iras officer called me and walked me through the procedure and I successfully filed the returns online. This saved me the time I would have spent travelling and queuing up at the Iras office. Iras' helpful officers are much appreciated.

Lim Ing Yew

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