Bouquets: Mall officer with initiative a gem

Mall officer with initiative a gem

On June 24, my daughter lost her mobile phone while shopping at Ion Orchard. She searched for it to no avail.

The next day, I received a call from an Ion officer, Mr Fysh, informing me that the phone had been found.

We were relieved.

I asked how he managed to get my mobile number, and he explained that he went to the "emergency call" option and found my number under the "medical ID" tab.

I really appreciate his initiative in finding my number.

My daughter and I thank him very much. He is certainly what I call a gem.

Jessica Loh (Madam)

Good nursing care lights up ward

I was hospitalised at Ward 12B, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, from June 27 to 29 and had the chance to observe how the nurses worked. They were dedicated, efficient and unassuming, provided excellent care to the five patients in my room, and had genuine concern for them.

We were all aged between 65 and 70. The nurses addressed us by name, when "uncle" would have sufficed, and called the new patients "Ah Kong". This created an immediate sense of togetherness.

On the second day, I noticed one nurse coming to the ward carrying her handbag - she was visiting the patients even before she officially started work.

She chatted with the patients, telling them about her nine-year-old son.

But once she put on her uniform and started work, the patients were her top priority.

When I was discharged, she gave me good advice and wished me well.

The bulk of the nurses came from China, India, Malaysia, Myanmar and the Philippines. These nurses from varied backgrounds and cultures working together so well to serve our ageing population is a success story.

Critics of foreigners in the country are barking up the wrong tree as far as medical services are concerned.

Neo Poh Goon

Timely help after allergic reaction

Between 3pm and 4pm on June 30, I had a severe allergic reaction as I was about to alight from SBS Transit service 196 (vehicle plate number 3773) along Marine Parade Road and lost consciousness for a while.

The bus driver, Mr Tam/Tham, stopped the bus and attended to me. A male passenger also helped, but he did not want to identify himself. They called 995, assured me that help was on the way and offered to call my family. They then stayed by my side until an ambulance came to take me to the hospital.

I appreciate their kindness in lending a helping hand. Thanks to them, I am now safe and sound.

Ng Mun Fei (Ms)

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