Bouquets: Helpful student finds dropped cards

Helpful student finds dropped cards

On the afternoon of Jan 24, I was rushing to tap out of the fare gates at Clementi MRT station when four cards dropped from my wallet - my debit card, university matriculation card, driver's licence and IC.

I did not realise it until a student, who I believe is from Nan Hua High School, picked them up and returned them to me.

I failed to get his name, but I am grateful for his honesty. I shudder to think of the trouble I would have had to go through if those cards were lost.

Kudos also to the school for grooming such a kind and honest student.

Sean Lim

Kind assistance from strangers

On Jan 17, I had a bad fall in Lorong Liput, Holland Village. There was a deep gash near my right eye and blood flowed freely.

My domestic helper tried to help me up, while two men also rushed to my aid.

Someone brought me a chair from one of the shops. Another person gave me a glass of water, while several others came rushing with tissues, wet wipes and plasters. Other passers-by stopped to ask if I needed help.

I was overwhelmed by their kindness to me, a complete stranger, and I thank them all.

I also thank the nursing staff of Alexandra Hospital's Acute Care Clinic, and the Singapore General Hospital's (SGH) accident and emergency department.

A thoughtful nurse at Alexandra Hospital lent me a blouse, as my own was splattered with blood. The caring and professional SGH staff also gently stitched up my wound and checked my vision.

I feel blessed to receive so much kindness and care.

Low Soh Tin (Miss)

Honest cleaner returns lost laptop

When I was at Bukit Panjang Plaza last Friday, I left my laptop in one of the cubicles in the ladies' toilet.

I realised this about an hour later and returned to look for it.

A supervisor of Cleaning Express responded to my plea for assistance immediately. He made a few calls on his walkie-talkie and took me to the information counter on the second floor.

It turned out that a cleaning staff member, Ms Liu Shuxiang, had found my laptop and promptly turned it over to the lost and found department. Her honesty and exemplary service saved the day.

I am so thankful to the staff for their dedication and honesty.

Celene Ting (Ms)

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