Bouquets: Help for stricken shopper at mall

Help for stricken shopper at mall

On Monday, I was feeling unwell while shopping at the Pandora outlet at Raffles City shopping mall; I vomited in the shop and subsequently fainted.

The Pandora staff and another customer, who introduced himself as a medical doctor, came to my aid.

Another shopper came forward to give me a sweet.

The Pandora staff contacted the Raffles City concierge staff, who brought over a wheelchair.

Together, they took me to seek medical attention.

While I did not manage to get anyone's name amid the chaos, I thank everyone who helped me.

Their assistance helped to quickly alleviate my nausea.

Kenneth Tang Zixian

Kind, patient fellow drivers

On Nov 22, my husband and I were unable to exit from the public carpark at Parliament House due to a faulty CashCard reader.

Though many motorists were inconvenienced because of us, they not only waited patiently but also refrained from sounding their car horns.

When we asked to borrow their CashCards in the hope of exiting, the drivers of the cars obliged, and some even stepped out from their vehicles to help us.

However, their efforts were in vain.

We eventually managed to get in touch with the company managing the carpark and were able to leave.

Our thanks go out to all the kind and patient samaritans.

Leong Fee Li (Ms)

Generous cabby saves the day

On the morning of Nov 26, I was in a taxi to Yishun when I found that I had left my wallet at home.

The TransCab driver, Mr Jason Toh, was kind enough to allow me to transfer him the taxi fare the next day.

Not only that, he also lent me cash so that I could buy my lunch at work.

What a fantastic gesture that I am grateful for.

Yap Chew Tee (Ms)

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