Bouquets :Help came quickly in foreign land

Help came quickly in foreign land

My friend and I thank Ms Chew Ee Lin, consular officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), who responded to a call for help from Los Angeles last Friday.

My friend, Ms Jermaine Toh, lost her passport three days before she was due to fly back to Singapore from Los Angeles.

I checked the MFA website and found that the consular office could issue a document of identity (DOI).

But it would need to verify the person's identity, which could take two to three days. Furthermore, the nearest Singapore overseas mission was in San Francisco - a six-hour drive away.

This would mean Ms Toh would not be able to make it for her flight unless she could be issued a DOI the next day.

I contacted a friend who, in turn, contacted the MFA. Ms Chew responded immediately, and in the half hour before the office closed for the weekend, she wrote to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority to seek approval for the issuance of a DOI.

She then provided Ms Toh with clear instructions via e-mail on how to collect the DOI. Thanks to her, Ms Toh was able to return to Singapore as planned.

Angelia Alethea Lau (Ms)

Kind driver who inspires others

At about 2.45pm on June 12, I was on board Tower Transit Service 106 when an elderly man with a walking stick tried to board the bus at the Marina Bay bus stop.

He was having difficulty, but no boarding passenger helped him.

The bus driver then left his seat and helped the man to board. The driver also waited until the man was seated before driving off.

When the man wanted to alight, the bus driver again left his seat in preparation to assist, but a passenger got to the man first.

I commend the bus driver for his act of kindness that influenced the other passengers.

I can see his commitment to his job, as he also greets passengers with a bright smile.

Doris Tay Kian Hee (Madam)

Doc treats patient as more than a number

In February, I was admitted to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, and was under the care of Dr Mark E. Puhaindran.

He is without airs, and patiently listened to and readily answered my many questions.

He and his team deserve recognition for their good work and professional conduct. I never felt like a number on a waiting list during my follow-up visits.

My heartfelt appreciation also goes to Jurong Health's group chief operating officer Joanne Yap, Dr Gamaliel Tan, head of orthopaedics and the group's chief medical informatics officer, nurses of Ward B10, occupational therapists Tui Sze Sze and Cait Maire Cronin, and Dr Renita Sirisena. The hospital's friendly frontline personnel also deserve a pat on the back.

Kai Tamin-Goh (Mrs)

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