Bouquets: Great service from cafe managers

Great service from cafe managers

I applaud the professional service of Madam Jenny, the manager at Delifrance cafe at Lot One mall. She is calm, patient and always respectful to customers.

The same goes for Miss Wati, who worked as a manager at the same branch many years ago. It was always a delight to be served by them.

Chng Lay Beng (Madam)

Reassuring doctor helped mother

I extend my heartfelt thanks to cardiologist Dinesh Nair from Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

Although he had done many angiography and angioplasty procedures before, they were a first for my mother. Dr Nair managed to calm my mother's nerves and put her at ease.

He was also very detailed in explaining everything to me, and he helped me better understand my mother's condition.

Sherry Ng Kuan Mei (Ms)

Warm service a tonic to allay fears

I was treated at the Singapore General Hospital's urology section and the National Cancer Centre for the past five months or so.

I have been to several hospitals around the world, and these two institutions are the best.

The premises were spotless, and the personnel kind, gracious, patient and efficient.

The obviously high morale of the staff was a cheering tonic to one who has always harboured a fear of hospitals.

I thank professors Weber Lau and Terence Tan, and their staff for their stellar service.

Michael Outram de Satge' Fraser

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