Bouquets: Grateful to hikers who helped friend

Grateful to hikers who helped friend

On Oct 18, my friend and I were nearing the TreeTop Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir Park when she slipped and hurt her ankle.

In an instant, other hikers offered us their help.

We thought it would be better to remain where we were until my friend felt some relief from the pain.

To our amazement, those who had gathered to help offered to wait with us. Seven adults and two children stayed patiently with us, all very concerned and eager to lend a hand.

One man then went ahead to see if he could get help from the nearby Singapore Island Country Club. Two others offered to carry my friend to the nearest road so that we could hail a taxi.

The rest accompanied us and were available to assist in whatever way they could.

They managed to speak to a golf-cart driver who was passing by and requested that we be taken to the country club, where we could get a taxi to the hospital.

At the club, the staff willingly attended to us even though we were not members. Security manager Erming Lim helped us get an ambulance.

We are grateful for the help the hikers gave us. We do not know their names, but will always remember them.

Cecilia Caparas (Ms)

Patients do come first in this clinic

I recently had an appointment at Rophi Clinic, at Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, but because I was there exactly at 2pm, the clinic's staff did not have adequate time to settle down as they had just returned from their lunch break.

Nurse Kelly Tan, however, was very courteous and immediately dropped everything to attend to me.

Because of her attentiveness, I was able to complete my treatment on time. I felt bad for arranging an appointment that cut it so close to the staff's lunch break, but Ms Tan replied that their priority, in work and personal ethics, was the same: The patient comes first.

Such high service standards are often just talked about, but in Rophi's case, it is translated into action.

Jeremy Cheong Weng Kee

Airline crew made birthday special

As a Priority Passenger Service Club member of Singapore Airlines for many years, I pride myself on being a loyal customer to what I believe to be the best airline in the world.

On Oct 9, I was on Flight SQ631 from Japan to Singapore. I was returning home from a long business trip, and it happened to be my birthday.

Midway through the flight, a personalised birthday greeting from the crew flashed across the screen. A few moments later, the crew came down the aisle with a piece of birthday cake, a scoop of ice cream, a glass of champagne and a stuffed toy animal.

There was also a birthday card signed by each member of the crew, including the captain.

Each crew member also personally congratulated me and wished me well.

My sincerest gratitude and appreciation go out to Captain Andrew Chin and his crew, Dexter, Aya, Flynson, Karyn, Tsubas, Fion and Tang Hsin Qin, for making me feel so special on my birthday.

Danna Szwed (Mrs)

Excellent care for son at KKH

My son was recently admitted to KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) for pneumonia, and he was very well taken care of by the medical staff.

I was very impressed with the service and medical attention that he received.

Adjunct Associate Professor Chao Sing Ming was amazingly experienced. She cured my son, I must say, quite quickly.

Supporting the doctors was nurse Ng Ho Eng, who was exemplary. She reassured and comforted us tremendously during my son's stay.

All the nurses in the ward worked as a cohesive and seamless team.

I had never seen such clockwork efficiency in a government or private hospital before.

Chu Pei Ling (Ms)

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