Bouquets: Good way to spark interest in exercise

Good way to spark interest in exercise

I am heartened by Sport Singapore's initiative to build facilities like Active Health Labs (Sports centres to offer exercise tips, tests; July 29).

This could spark off more initiatives to encourage an active lifestyle among Singaporeans.

The obesity statistics released by the Health Promotion Board reflect the need for Singaporeans to exercise more. At the Active Health Labs, physical activity will be recommended by experts to prevent, treat and manage common chronic health conditions. Hopefully, the public will become interested.

It would be ideal if one such lab could be built in every neighbourhood, so residents can conveniently seek expert advice there whenever they wish.

More exercise-related services could also be provided to gear us towards a healthier and more active Singapore.

Eleanor Ng Rong

Best service from Pathlight alumni

I visit Punggol Plaza's KFC outlet a few times a month for meals. Each time, I am served either by Matin or Haziq, and I get the best service.

They are both very polite, patient and efficient. They also take the time to recommend new offerings or meals that would be better value for money.

I was taken aback when they told me that they were from Pathlight School. I had not realised that they had any disability. All I saw was a keen heart to serve and wonderful initiative.

Matin and Haziq are stellar employees and have done their school proud. I hope more companies will hire graduates from this school; they may turn out to be the best employees.

Michael S. Dawson

Prompt return of lost ez-link card

Recently, at Clementi MRT station, my husband realised that he had dropped his ez-link card. He re-traced his route back to Clementi Mall, where we had been, but could not find it.

I was sure that the card was gone for good. However, we approached the information counter and were surprised to find that someone had returned the card. I thank the person who found the card and returned it so promptly.

Vicky Chong

Efforts of men in blue deeply appreciated

I applaud and commend the efforts and sacrifices that the Singapore Police Force has gone through to keep our nation safe from danger.

Around the clock, they are ready to offer swift help and deal with various situations.

I have noticed the efforts they have made online to keep us up to date with news, information and advisories.The efforts by the Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre, where the officers try to increase community engagement and foster strong relationships within the neighbourhood, are deeply appreciated.

Gerlene Ng Hui Rou

Care Line hotline a boon for patients

I am heartened that the Care Line hotline service is now available at any time of the day for patients who need a listening ear (Round-the-clock hotline service to give patients a listening ear; ST Online, July 31).

Lending a listening ear to patients recovering from treatment is often overlooked.

Many people often assume the role of a cheerleader. Though it is well-intentioned, sometimes what patients truly need is just someone they can turn to when dealing with their emotional issues. Emotional suppression is detrimental to one's mental and physical health, so it is important that patients receive help immediately from trained personnel.

It is also thoughtful that Care Line representatives call senior citizens regularly to remind them of their upcoming medical appointments.

Hopefully in the future, this hotline service will also be made available to the public in need of emotional support or just someone to talk to.

Lim Jean Yee

Competent and caring tax officer

The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore should be proud of senior tax officer Ganesan Ramakrishnan.

He treats people with respect, dignity and an empathetic ear. He pays attention to tax problems of the public and offers guidance and meaningful solutions.

I thank this competent and dedicated officer for making a difference, and making the public feel at ease with his patience and compassion.

Baby Mathen Mathews

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