Bouquets :Good service undeterred by rain

Good service undeterred by rain

It was raining heavily when I travelled on Tower Transit service 106 at 1pm on July 20.

The bus stopped at a bus stop along Commonwealth Road, where a man in a wheelchair was waiting with his helper.

The bus driver, James, took his umbrella, opened the boarding platform for the wheelchair and, to my amazement, extended the umbrella to shelter the man and his helper as they boarded.

James was drenched, but he continued to drive the bus in his wet condition.

I had never before seen such a kind act from a driver. He went beyond the call of duty to ensure his passengers' comfort, and deserves appreciation and recognition.

I hope all drivers will serve with such pride and dignity.

Shawn Ng

Bag retrieved, thanks to bus supervisor

Last Friday, I went to Ngee Ann Polytechnic on SBS Transit service 151.

When I alighted, I left behind a plastic bag containing my books and my lunch bag.

When I realised my mistake, I tried to call the lost-and-found hotline found on the SBS Transit website.

I was greeted by a standard message asking me to hold. I waited for a few minutes before I was diverted to an answering system which disconnected the call. I called again and the result was the same.

I then decided to board another bus and was fortunate to meet senior bus captain/supervisor Koh Tong Seyong, who listened to my predicament and gave me the phone number for the Hougang depot.

Someone answered on the first ring and assured me that my bag was safe at the depot, and I went down to retrieve it.

My special thanks to Mr Koh for helping to bring about this happy state of affairs.

However, I hope SBS Transit will check on the functioning of its lost-and-found hotline.

Raju M. Iyer

Excellent care for sick baby

I was very impressed by the doctors and nurses of National University Hospital Ward 47.

They did a great job of caring for my baby when he was there last month with a high fever.

My baby needed many procedures, including blood, urine and spinal fluid tests.

My wife, our parents and I were very worried and anxious, but the doctors explained the situation in both English and Mandarin, and performed the procedures very smoothly.

I was particularly impressed by Dr Dave Ong, who thoroughly checked my baby and was decisive in determining what he needed; and Dr Santosi, whose bilingual skills and detailed explanations helped to allay our fears.

Dr Perry Lau, Dr Hannah Ang, Dr Christopher Matthews and Dr Jessica Lim were also very professional, thorough and efficient in caring for my baby and many others, even though the ward was packed and busy.

The nurses, too, were very responsive, detailed and professional, especially Kieran and Doreen.

I sincerely thank them and hope they can be publicly recognised.

Jansen Ngiam Ming Hoo

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