Bouquets: Good Samaritans on a plane

Good Samaritans on a plane

On Dec 14 last year, my family was on Singapore Airlines Flight SQ618 to Osaka in Japan when my father suffered acute cardiac arrest.

The crew appealed for assistance and three doctors came forward. The doctors and the crew took turns to perform resuscitation procedures on my dad.

The decision was made to divert the flight to Makati in the Philippines, where my father could get medical care.

The SIA team in the Philippines found us a place to stay that was close to the hospital. They also contacted the Singapore Embassy on our behalf and took turns to visit our family.

Today, we are back home in Singapore and my father is on the road to recovery. My family and I are grateful to the many good Samaritans who came forward to help.

We especially thank: Dr Ramesh Wijaya, Dr Lee and Dr Loh, who responded to the call for help; Captain Khoo Ee Wan, First Officer Sean Chua and the team of flight attendants, namely, Charlie Soh, Sam Soh, Ivan Bay, Miyuki, Prathip, Taufiq, Rachel, Ching, Rie and Risa; and SIA's Philippines team of Eugene Goh, Frances Reyes, Aya Bonifacio, Scarlet David, Claire Ferrer, Bernadette Pating, Rowell Regal and Charina Villaflores.

Lastly, we also thank Ms Stephanie Or from the Singapore Embassy in the Philippines.

Loh Yu Jun

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