Bouquets: Good job tackling fallen tree

Good job tackling fallen tree

On Aug 10, one of the trees adjacent to my apartment fell, taking three other trees down at the same time.

Access to the road was blocked, so we called the National Parks Board (NParks).

Within an hour, two workers arrived equipped with a handsaw to fix the damage. Unfortunately, this was not going to work, as the tree had been five storeys high and broader than the handsaw.

An hour later, a manager from NParks arrived with a team of more than 12 people. They worked through the afternoon to cut up the massive tree trunk.

They stacked everything neatly and swept up the sawdust and leaves before leaving. It was a truly impressive performance by NParks, and I applaud and thank the team of workers for their good work.

Jane Prior (Ms)

Kind strangers save family from crush

On National Day, my family and I were at the pedestrian walkway of the Bayfront Avenue vehicular bridge and were making our way towards Marina Square when we were caught in a human jam.

People were coming from the opposite direction, stopping to enjoy the fireworks, and also pushing us from behind.

I was carrying my baby daughter at the time and decided to move towards the railings to try to climb out of the walkway.

Two Caucasian women sitting on the railing saw my plight and signalled to the nearby soldiers doing crowd control that I needed assistance. A group of Bangladeshi or Indian nationals cleared the way for me, and a local man helped carry my baby while I scaled the railing.

Seeing that I was trying to locate my wife and son who were still in the crowd, the two women helped to look out for them.

When they were found, other folks helped to support and push them over the railing to join me.

I thank the wonderful people who came to our aid that night.

Brian Low Lip Chee

Cabby went beyond call of duty

One night in June, I was driving my nine-year-old son home when I suffered a seizure and lost consciousness.

I later learnt that an SMRT cab driver, a Mr Vernon, had spotted my stationary car at an unlikely location along the road.

Sensing that something was amiss, he went to check and heard my son shouting for help.

He opened the door and found me unconscious in my seat. He urged my son to call my wife while he called for an ambulance.

My wife was frantic when she arrived. The ambulance sped off to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital with me, and Mr Vernon escorted her as she drove my car home.

He then took her to the hospital. My wife wanted to pay for the cab fare when she arrived but Mr Vernon refused to accept any money and urged her to just attend to me.

I am deeply grateful to Mr Vernon. His selfless kindness and compassion to a stranger is exemplary.

Without his assistance, my son's life could have also been in danger. I salute him.

Alan Goh Khee Seng

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