Bouquets: Good hospital team made big difference

Good hospital team made big difference

My mother was admitted to Changi General Hospital recently. I am grateful to the team at Ward 45 who helped her and my family during that time.

First, I thank Dr Omar who made the effort, despite his long working hours, to give me regular updates on my mother's condition, both through phone calls and face-to-face conversations.

Second, the nurses in Ward 45, especially nurses Hui Xin and Shu Xian. Their care and concern made my mother's stay in the ward more comfortable.

Third, the team of physiotherapists who had regular sessions with my mother. My mother has bipolar depression and staying for long periods in bed may make her feel depressed. The team's sessions helped keep her active and positive.

Hospitalisation is usually very stressful for the patient and family members. Having a team of dedicated medical professionals makes a big difference.

Teo Chew Been (Madam)

Bus driver's excellent service

I commend the driver of SBS Transit bus service 121 for his excellent service.

A group of elderly people boarded his bus at Kim Tian Road recently. He ensured that all of them were seated properly before he moved off.

He also thanked and said goodbye to passengers before they alighted.

Cecilia Teo Lay Hoon (Ms)

Assistance after car accident

On Nov 9, I parked my car at Mount Alvernia Hospital from 9.45am to 1pm.

During that time, my car was involved in a hit-and-run accident and was damaged on the front bumper.

Unfortunately, closed-circuit television cameras were unable to capture the incident.

I hope the other driver or witnesses will come forward.

In the meantime, I thank the hospital's security officer, Mr Choo Han Poh, for his efforts and assistance after the accident.

Askay Koh (Madam)

Patient service from HDB officer

Recently, I called the Housing Board on behalf of my 87-year-old mother to inquire about how to buy a new HDB flat together with my brother.

I spoke to Mr Jacob Low from the HDB Sales and Resales Department. He said he could not disclose anything without my mother's permission but was willing to call her to clarify.

He explained the process to her.

However, he realised that she might not be able to fully understand.

So he got her approval to update me.

Thanks to his attentiveness, I have a better understanding of the issue.

It was a pleasure talking to him and I appreciate his service and patience with me and my mother.

Leng Kar Yee (Ms)

Injured daughter attended to quickly

I was at the Singapore Expo carpark on Tuesday after attending Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's gathering when the back wheel of a car ran over my daughter's left foot.

We were shocked to hear her scream and it took a few seconds for us to realise what had happened.

By then, a crowd had gathered. We are grateful to all those who stepped forward to help us.

The facilitators helped my daughter to relax and called the medical crew and ambulance immediately. They also cleared the crowd so she could have some fresh air.

The medical crew wasted no time in attending to my daughter and taking her to the National University Hospital.

Another facilitator cleared the way so our vehicle could pass through.

We cannot remember the names of everyone who helped.

However, we thank them all, especially Mr William, Dr Gupta and Mr Andrew, for their rapid action and support.

Lakshmi Srinivasan (Ms)

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