Bouquets: Good effort to ensure pleasant flight

Good effort to ensure pleasant flight

I commend Ms Jasmine Kaur, Singapore Airlines' customer feedback manager, for her quick intervention on a flight I had on SQ208 from Melbourne to Singapore on April 11.

I was travelling with my adult brother who has Down syndrome. He had a knee inflammation at the time of travel and was using crutches to walk.

Before the flight, I gave SIA feedback that I was concerned, as my brother was seated some four seats away from me.

Ms Jasmine acted swiftly by calling me to ascertain what I needed and alerting the ground staff in Melbourne to assist.

The flight was almost full, but with the concerted assistance of the staff, my brother and I secured seats in the same row and we had a pleasant flight home.

I am so grateful to Ms Jasmine, the team in Melbourne, as well as the passengers who gave up their seats for us.

SIA should be proud of its staff who are obviously proud of their job and what they do. They have shown that caring and empathy are not dead, but are quite a part of our culture.

Beattrice Ho Mei Lin(Ms)

Right move to prune trees regularly

It was with sadness that I read about a man killed by a falling tree branch in North Bridge Road (Great-grandfather killed by tree branch on way to work; April 23).

It called to mind the tragedy in February last year when a falling tree killed a woman at the Botanic Gardens.

Accidents may occur, but it is still better to be safe than sorry.

To this end, as a regular park visitor, I thank the National Parks Board (NParks) for taking precautions and pruning and cutting down trees that may pose a danger to the public.

I hope other organisations, such as those that run the Aloha Chalets in Changi and Loyang, will follow NParks' example and adopt the same cautionary approach with their trees.

Victor Choong Yu Fook

Great teamwork at temple consecration

The consecration ceremony at the Sri Perumal Temple on Sunday (Special day for iconic Little India temple; April 23) is an excellent example of efficient teamwork between the Hindu Endowment Board and the temple's management committee.

There were space and time constraints but the thousands of people gathered there were able to witness the sacred ritual with ease and decorum.

Despite the heat and the long wait, we left the temple feeling not only spiritually energised but also proud of the organisers and volunteers who had worked tirelessly to make it happen.

The presence of leaders from other faiths was also testimony to the inter-religious harmony prevailing in our Singapore society.

Padmini Kesavapany (Mrs)

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