Bouquets: Funeral officer keeps care alive

Funeral officer keeps care alive

As my ailing mother is in palliative care, I called some funeral organisations to get an idea of what to prepare for.

I was turned off by many companies which engaged in much hard-selling but gave very little information.

However, Warren, the customer care officer at Western Casket, was different.

From the start, he was pleasant, genuine and not pushy at all.

He offered me valuable advice and walked me through the ifs and what-to-dos when my mother dies.

What impressed me was his true concern for me and my family when the bereavement happens.

For an industry where death is a daily affair, becoming jaded or even insensitive can and will happen. I am heartened to know that there are people who do this noble task with genuine care and concern. It makes a difference.

Warren is certainly a credit to Western Casket, and I am truly thankful to him.

When the time comes, his number will be on my speed dial.

Jeremy Paul Lim

Travel plan saved, thanks to cabby

On June 16, my family and I headed to Woodlands Checkpoint, on our way to a church camp in Malacca.

When we got to Woodlands, we realised that I had taken along an expired passport for my three-year-old son by mistake.

As all our luggage was already on board the coach, we decided that my husband, daughter and helper would continue with the journey as planned.

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority called for a cab to take my son and me out of the customs area.

Mr Chai Kim Yian from CityCab responded to the call.

On learning what had happened, Mr Chai suggested that he drive us to Boon Lay Shopping Centre so we could buy a ticket to Malacca from a travel agency there.

I did not have enough money with me, so Mr Chai took us to two ATMs to withdraw money.

After that, he drove my son and me home to retrieve the passport and then back to Boon Lay Shopping Centre to catch the bus to Malacca.

In between, he had to make a U-turn, as I had left my son's cardigan at home when I was searching for the passport.

When we arrived, he rejected the extra money I offered him as a token of my appreciation.

I am so thankful for Mr Chai's help. Because of him, we were able to reunite with our family in Malacca by 6.30pm that day, in time for the first event of the camp.

Agnes Siow Lay Hong (Ms)

Wallet found against all hope

On June 18, my wife Ivy and I were at a coffee shop near Punggol Park for a meal when she realised that her wallet was missing.

We panicked and searched around the area, including the bicycle kiosk where we had rented bikes and the nearby bench where we had rested, but to no avail. After searching frantically for 40 minutes, we made a police report and cancelled all the credit cards.

Days passed and we considered giving up hope of recovering the wallet.

Then, one morning, we received a call from the police to say that the wallet had been found.

We are so glad, and we thank the kind person who handed the wallet over to the police.

Yeo Tiong Ghee

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