Bouquets : Friends, strangers lent helping hand

Friends, strangers lent helping hand

On April 14, less than 12 hours before my family and I were due to fly back to Singapore from San Francisco, the window of our rental car was smashed and our luggage, passports, cash and credit cards were stolen.

Some friends helped us contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and lent us some money.

Others put us in contact with a couple - complete strangers until then - who hosted us until we could go home.

Ms Chew Ee Lin, the consul of the Singapore Consulate-General in San Francisco, contacted us immediately to offer assistance.

As it was a Saturday in Singapore, there was nothing we could do until the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority opened on Monday.

When Singapore Airlines did not get back to me about my payment issue, as I had lost my credit card, I got in touch with the consulate, which not only helped to process our documents of identity but also secured us seats on the next flight.

My family and I are grateful to the helpful officers from the consulate, our friends and the couple who came to our aid.

Irene Chan Siew Ying (Ms)

Clinic team made grandma happy

My family and I thank the doctors and staff of the Tsao Foundation's Hua Mei Adult Primary Health Clinic in Whampoa.

My 94-year-old grandmother Lily Hendrick was a patient of theirs for many years and was always well taken care of and happy to go for her appointments.

Dr Ng Wai Chong, Dr Tan Sai Tiang, Ms Susan Teo, Ms Chua Hui Keng, Ms Doris Kwa and Ms Fiona Han always made her feel so comfortable.

My grandmother would readily confide in them and share with them all the health issues she was facing, each time she paid them a visit.

She also looked forward to their home visits, and told us how the doctors would listen to her and nurses would joke with her.

My grandmother died on April 21, but the team deserves praise for everything that was done for her.

We hope they keep up the good work.

Sabrina S.K. (Madam)

Braving the rain to offer help

Recently, my wife and I were in Orchard Road looking for CIMB Bank.

It was raining and we approached a man, dressed smartly in a suit and standing outside a store, for assistance.

Without hesitation, he used his mobile phone to help us locate the bank. He failed but called the bank for help.

Fearing that we still could not find our way, he dashed out into the rain to check the directions before returning fully drenched.

We were sorry for the predicament he was in and apologised to him. But he remained cheerful as if it was his duty to help us.

We are so grateful to him. My wife and I are more than 76 years old, but this is the first time we have met such a selfless good Samaritan. If more people were like him, the world would indeed be a paradise.

Gan Eng Hee

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