Bouquets : Five-star hospital experience

Five-star hospital experience

A good hospital is one which you are happy to go to, and when you are there, you do not want to go home.

This is how I felt after being taken by ambulance to the new Ng Teng Fong General Hospital in Jurong.

Even though I had not been there before, my fears were put to rest as soon as I entered the Accident and Emergency

(A&E) section where I was cordially and cheerfully attended to by the nurses and doctors in a separate room.

It was not the usual fish market scene of a typical A&E department, where multiple new admissions have to fight for space.

I was later transferred to another ward for observation, and the nurses and doctors there made me feel like I was being given special attention, even though I was in a subsidised ward.

I felt as if I was in a five-star hotel.

My compliments go to all those involved in running such a superb hospital, including its managers, doctors, nurses, support staff, such as porters and meal support staff.

Anil Bhatia

Dedicated staff kept brother comfortable

My family and I thank Mr Ranjit Singh as well as the management and nursing staff of the Grace Lodge nursing home.

During my brother's stay at the home, the staff were always warm and wore friendly smiles on their faces, and carried out their work professionally.

They did so regardless of my brother's health; he could not communicate, was bedridden and had to be tube-fed every three hours.

They were very attentive to him and kept him neat and tidy; they also kept us updated on his condition whenever we visited.

During the last few days of his life, they advised us accordingly and kept him comfortable.

The multinational staff went beyond race and religion to do their job well.

They really went the extra mile, even looking for a picture of Buddha to show my brother. Nurse Lea Lea even said prayers for him.

David Tng Yam Seng

Kudos to S'pore's nurses

I read the editorial piece "Nursing professionals show the way" (Sept 17) with joy and pride.

I am a member of the Singapore nursing fraternity and for too long now, we have been regarded by society at large as the handmaidens of doctors, despite the fact that many doctors treat their nursing colleagues with respect, and maybe even admiration.

I had a most pleasant experience recently when I visited Clementi Polyclinic and was seen by advanced practice nurse Margaret Chia Wai Peng.

She was professional, patient and gave me more time than any other doctor ever did for the same sort of consultation.

I thank the Singapore Nurses Association for its role over the many decades in elevating the status of nurses.

Mae Hoon Ann (Ms)

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