Bouquets: Firm helped when authorities wouldn't

Firm helped when authorities wouldn't

A stray cat was stuck in a tree for more than a day at Parkview Mansions.

Animal volunteers had contacted the various authorities to help bring the cat down but were rejected.

The next day, Sept 30, Sin Heng Heavy Machinery volunteered their boom lift and manpower to rescue the cat.

I am very touched that a company was willing to go out of its way to help, when even the Singapore Civil Defence Force was unwilling to do so.

There will be times when rules have to be bent, as every life matters - human or otherwise.

Shelby Doshi (Ms)

Service employee stayed beyond shift

I was among the iPhone fans who queued for hours on Sept 25 to purchase an iPhone 6s.

After getting the new phone, I started the backup of data from my old iPhone 5 and downloaded the latest iTunes software for iPhone 6s.

To my dismay, both phones soon stalled.

Fearing that all my contacts and photos would be lost, I frantically approached iStudio at VivoCity shopping complex.

A staff member named Adam attended to me.

He patiently backed up my data and updated the software, periodically checking on the progress in between attending to other customers.

On seeing how tense I was, he also continually reassured me that the backup data was not lost and that my phones would soon be working again.

The entire software updating process took around four hours and ended at 9pm.

It was then that I learnt Adam's shift had ended at 6.30pm and that he had stayed behind to assist me.

I really appreciate the fact that Adam went beyond the call of duty to help a walk-in customer.

I thank him for all the help that he gave me.

Choo Jia Le (Ms)

Cabby risked fine to assist passenger

I was trying to hail a taxi at Serangoon Gardens, near the roundabout, when I saw Mr Boi Sek Kiang stop his taxi illegally on double yellow lines at a carpark; there were no empty spaces available.

He then got out of the taxi to help his passenger, an old woman who had difficulty walking.

Not only did he help her out of the cab, but he also helped her up a flight of stairs at a nearby shophouse.

I had initially thought that he was helping a relative or a friend.

Only when I boarded his taxi later did I learn that the woman was a passenger, which meant that he had risked a parking fine to help his passenger.

Mr Boi is a rare gem with a heart of gold.

Jonathan Lim Yeow Siang

Aid for wife who fainted on train

I thank duty officers at the Kallang MRT station and all others who helped my wife when she fainted in a train on Oct 1 at about 6.30pm.

Foo Say Eng

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