Bouquets: Fast retrieval of lost pendant

Fast retrieval of  lost pendant

Last Friday morning, I was riding up the escalator at the Bishan Circle Line station when my necklace came off.

I managed to salvage the chain but my pendant dropped onto the escalator.

As there was a huge crowd behind me, it was impossible for me to retrieve it.

Later, at around 1pm, I approached the station's service staff at the counter near Junction 8, and asked if my pendant could be retrieved when the technician came to service the escalator.

The officer took me to meet the Circle Line staff, who took down my telephone number and a description of the pendant.

Two hours later, I received a call from the Circle Line staff to say that my pendant had been found. I had thought I would have to wait a few days to get a reply. I was elated.

All four staff whom I met were very patient and willing to help me, even though it was extra work for them.

I thank them for the pleasant experience and for helping me to retrieve my pendant in such a short time.

I also encourage SMRT to continue to serve customers with patience and professionalism.

Peggy Ong Hong Mui (Mrs)

Good show from Esplanade staff

I attended a concert organised by the Choral Association of Singapore at the Esplanade Concert Hall on Oct 25.

Afterwards, one of the participants, from a choir from Shanghai, said she had left her Sony camera on her seat.

I reported the loss to one of the ushers, who told me to write in to the management for help.

I made a phone call to the management the next day and was told that the camera had been found. I collected the camera and returned it to the owner, who was greatly surprised to get it back.

I thank the Esplanade Concert Hall staff for their efficiency and integrity in performing their duties.

This good service greatly shows the good side of our country to foreigners.

Wilson Lee Beng Sun

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