Bouquets: Fast, reassuring help from SCDF team

Fast, reassuring help from SCDF team

On Jan 11, I called for an ambulance, as I was in labour.

From the time I called 995 to my arrival at the hospital, the ambulance team from 3rd Singapore Civil Defence Force Division, Yishun Station, was awesome. Staff Sergeant Adeline Phang Ching Yi was particularly outstanding. She, together with Sergeant Amirul Asraff Abdul Rahim, Corporal Shaikh Abdullah Amin and CPL Muhd Azizi Supki, worked seamlessly together.

They were fast, efficient and very reassuring in a stressful situation. I cannot fully express how deeply grateful and thankful I am for their excellent work.

Lai Lingrui (Ms)

Dedication of HMC staff admirable

I can understand the anxiety of staff in Healthway Medical Corp (HMC) who did not receive their salaries, and may never be paid if the company goes bankrupt (No docs at 7 family clinics of troubled Healthway group; March 14, and Healthway group offered $600k to pay docs' salaries; March 15).

But we must not forget that even though doctors were absent at seven out of 90 clinics, the rest were still functioning normally.

I have friends who work at HMC as doctors and nurses. They felt that it was their duty to continue to take care of their patients, despite the risks to themselves.

Their dedication to their patients and to their profession is admirable.

Desmond Wai (Dr)

Not his speciality, but doc still cared

I am grateful to Dr Paul Chiam, a cardiologist at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, for his professional care of my mother when he was her attending doctor at National Heart Centre (NHC).

He was not my mother's regular doctor at NHC but she had gone to see him for a second opinion after feeling a vague abdominal discomfort for some time.

The NHC is for patients with heart problems, but Dr Chiam was willing to see us, even though the issue may be outside his speciality. He was professional, yet compassionate and humble in his dealings with us. This reassured my mother and me a lot.

The day after the consultation, I was surprised to receive a call from his clinic to ask how my mother was doing.

I thank Dr Chiam for his invaluable help for my mother.

Lee Kay Yan (Miss)

First-time op at SGH a good experience

I thank Dr Guo Chang Ming and his team at the Orthopaedic Department of the Singapore General Hospital.

Dr Guo was to perform spinal surgery on me. Before the operation, he took the time to explain the procedure in detail to me and my family. He was also patient in answering our many questions and allaying our anxieties, as this was my first time undergoing surgery.

The nurses and doctors at Ward 76 were also wonderful and warm. Despite having many patients, they remained cheerful, gentle and patient in tending to my needs.

I thank them for taking such good care of me.

Aida Mekonnen (Ms)

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