Bouquets: Fast-food staff stands up to bully

Fast-food staff stands up to bully

On July 24, my wife and two children were at a Burger King drive-through when a car stopped behind them and a man came out to shout at my wife, who had her window down and was paying for her purchases.

The man demanded that my wife move away from the drive-through as he had taken a wrong turn.

His demeanour was aggressive and his shouting created a scene, which upset my younger child.

It was then that a Burger King staff member politely told the man to calm down.

The man hurled abuse at the staff member until another person came out of the aggressor's car to tell him off.

My wife was too shaken by the incident to get the staff member's name, but we thank him for his gallantry and sense of justice.

John Lim Jit Nong

Seamless process to get mobility aids

My mother, who is 73 years old and has dementia, needs aids and devices to support her daily activities.

I approached the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) and was given clear instructions on how to proceed with the application to access the Seniors' Mobility and Enabling Fund.

My mother's doctor, Professor Chin of Tan Tock Seng Hospital, arranged for an occupational therapist to assess my mother's needs.

Ms Ngah Yi Chia, the occupational therapist, contacted me three days later, and came to visit my mother within a week.

During the visit, Ms Ngah was very thorough in assessing my mother's condition.

She then made recommendations on the type of wheelchair, nursing bed and air mattress my mother needed, and put in the application.

Within a week, these devices were delivered.

The vendor, Lifeline, even taught us how to operate the devices properly.

All this was done in just three weeks from the time I made my application.

I am very impressed with the seamless process in getting access to the subsidies, and I thank the AIC, Prof Chin and Ms Ngah for giving a lot of attention to my mother's needs.

Kaw Jik Hoon (Ms)

Restaurant manager leads by example

I was at Swensen's at Seletar Mall on July 28 and was very impressed by restaurant manager Hui Min.

In the hour or so that we were there, she led customers to tables; took orders; dashed in and out of the kitchen to serve the food; helped a family stow away a stroller; swept the floor; cleaned up after an infant; guided her crew in decorating a cake; single-handedly dragged a table and chair from one end of the restaurant to the other, to accommodate a larger group; and helped out with cashier duties.

At the end of it all, she still managed to smile and thank customers for their patronage.

Following her lead, her crew also gallantly stepped up to assist.

I laud Hui Min and her team for their excellent customer service.

Seow Wui Lian

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