Bouquets :Ex-employee grateful to Underwater World

Ex-employee grateful to Underwater World

Companies that are hiring new staff will always look for candidates with a clean record.

Which company would consider an applicant after knowing he had been dismissed for "irresponsible attitude" and that he was not honest in telling it the real reason for leaving?

If the applicant was hired, which company would tell its supervisors not to care about what other people, even the general manager of his previous company, say about him and to give him a second chance?

Underwater World did all this for me and helped to redeem my reputation.

I enjoyed my job at the Dolphin Lagoon and stayed for two years before leaving reluctantly to start my own company.

Underwater World may be ceasing operations soon ("Underwater World to close its doors on June 26"; Tuesday), but the gratitude I feel towards it will be etched in me forever.

Sylvester Goh Lee Seng

A seat on the bus, thanks to driver

On May 30, at around 6.10pm, I boarded bus service 188 before Toh Tuck Avenue and noticed a heavily pregnant woman standing near the exit door.

I wondered why no one had offered her a seat, and deliberated whether I should ask someone to give up a seat for her.

I did not need to, because the bus driver did it, and a woman stood up and offered her seat.

The driver drove off only after ensuring that the pregnant woman was seated.

I was touched by the driver's gesture.

I hope that people will offer their seats to pregnant women and the elderly, and that these people will graciously accept.

Teresa Wong (Ms)

Impressed by staff's cool under pressure

The National University Hospital Paediatrics Accident and Emergency (A&E) department and Children's Clinic A provided top-class medical care for my son last month.

At the A&E, my son's condition was deemed serious and he was attended to straightaway.

The senior paediatrician on duty, Dr Dave Ong, and the nurses assisting him, including nurses Marlyn, Shu Ping, Rachel, Mylene and Punitha, explained everything step by step and gave us regular updates.

I was very impressed because the unit was packed with people and they had to attend to multiple patients at a time, with many parents asking them many questions.

I was again very impressed by the professional, friendly and efficient service from front-counter staff, nurses and pharmacists when I took my son to Children's Clinic A for a review a few days later.

Dr Ong specially came back to see my son, even though he was on leave, and gave us very concrete and comprehensive medical plans for my son's condition.

Asthma nurse Regina was also very patient in answering our questions and in providing detailed and clear explanations.

Mike Tan Han Zong

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