Bouquets: Efficient aid after car breakdown

Efficient aid after car breakdown

Recently, my car broke down on the Pan-Island Expressway at around 8pm, just before the exit to Clementi/Dunearn Road.

The traffic was heavy and it was raining. My two passengers and I got out of the car and managed to push it to lane one of the slip road.

I called the Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS), which alerted the Expressway Monitoring and Advisory System (Emas). Within 10 minutes, an outrider from Aetos arrived to direct traffic.

Soon after, an Emas recovery truck arrived and towed the car to the Bukit Batok heavy vehicle car yard. I notified AAS, which sent a recovery truck to the car yard and got my car started. Meanwhile, a second Emas tow truck with a passenger compartment was activated to ferry the three of us to the car yard.

Within 45 minutes, the car was fixed and we were on our way again. It did not cost me a cent.

One of my passengers, a visitor from the United States, was highly impressed by the efficiency of our recovery system.

Kudos to Emas and AAS.

K S Rajan

Untiring efforts of hospital support staff

I was admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital's Ward 13C earlier this month and had the opportunity to observe all those involved in keeping a hospital running efficiently.

Putting aside the committed and caring doctors and nurses, there were the non-medical staff - the helpers, the housekeeping team, the contract workers and the horticulturists.

They were untiring in their efforts, making sure that everything from the air-conditioner to the flowers and plants were all well-maintained.

I take my hat off to these support staff for what they are doing.

Neo Poh Goon

How refreshing to encounter generosity

On Wednesday night, I jogged from my house on Lornie Road to the Cold Storage outlet on Bukit Timah, across from the Botanic Gardens.

It started to pour while I was shopping in the supermarket and the rain did not subside when I was done.

So I decided to walk back in the rain. When I was along University Road, with groceries in hand, a car pulled up, and the two strangers (husband and wife) offered me a lift.

They not only gave me a lift part of the way, but also insisted on taking me home even though it required them to go 2km past their home.

In a world where goodwill, generosity and basic politeness are becoming harder to find, the generosity of these two strangers was refreshing.

Michael Blaine Evanoff

Great team work from doctors

I commend Dr James Loh, senior consultant orthopaedic surgeon and director of hip and knee surgery department at Changi General Hospital, and his team of doctors for their professionalism, good team work and team spirit.

My mother-in-law was treated by them after suffering a leg fracture on Jan 27 and was hospitalised until Feb 2.

In that time, I was kept well-informed and given the latest updates on her condition and treatment every day.

I was also able to contact the doctors easily when I needed to clarify her various medication.

The doctors gave me valuable advice and options to consider, which I appreciated very much.

Thanks to their help, as well as the help of the physiotherapist and doctors from the anaesthesia department, I was able to fly my mother-in-law home safely.

I am also grateful to the nurses of Ward 46 for the good care they gave my mother-in-law. I will certainly remember their smiles and attentiveness.

Ong Pang Yaw

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