Bouquets : Eatery staff cool under pressure

Eatery staff cool under pressure

I was with my family at A Poke Theory eatery on Monday when a stabbing took place (Fatal stabbing shocks busy lunchtime crowd; July 11).

We were about to leave and had been reaching for the front door when the victim stumbled and fell outside, and the alleged assailant stood over him.

The cashier (whom I later found out was the manager) shouted to us to get back. He swiftly locked the door while we were ushered into the kitchen. Other employees locked the back door.

There was no panic, gawking or stunned inaction among the staff - only cool professionalism.

They did everything correctly and calmly, reacting to the trouble outside as if they had practised for this. The place remained locked until the situation was under control.

We thank the fast-acting manager and his colleagues.

Nicole Weinrauch (Ms)

Excellent help from MOM officer

I thank the Ministry of Manpower's Ms Yap Siok Har for assisting me in the process of getting my new maid, until the maid arrived on June 1.

Ms Yap is an exceptionally excellent service provider, who went out of her way to help.

Such authenticity is rare.

Lum Soo Peng (Madam)

Strangers save the day

Early last week, I felt dizzy while waiting in line at the Raffles Place MRT station.

Before I knew it, I was sitting in the corridor, my vision blurred and I started having a panic attack.

Two young girls - Kelly and Merissa - came to my aid, got me some water and helped me call my mother.

Then, they piggybacked me to 6, Battery Road and waited till my mother arrived.

I am very thankful that the two girls helped me. Because of them, I did not feel alone.

There is indeed kindness and warmth in our little red dot.

Rebecca Eu Su Yan (Ms)

Impeccable service by SIA staff

Last month, my wife, national pole vault athlete Rachel Yang, and I were in Hong Kong to compete.

We were booked for an SIA flight on June 26 back to Singapore. However, at the airport, we were told that we could not board because no prior arrangements had been made for the pole vault equipment.

We missed the flight and spent six hours trying to resolve the matter. We eventually checked into an airport hotel.

A day later, an SIA staff member informed us that we could leave on SQ891 at 12.25pm.

When we arrived at the counter, we found five SIA staff waiting. They apologised for the inconvenience and assisted with the check-in and with our luggage and poles. We were taken through the crew check-in lane to expedite the process, and then ushered to the SIA VIP lounge.

We were also reimbursed for the expenses that we had incurred as a result of the delay.

When we landed in Singapore, an apologetic staff member helped us with our equipment and the supervisors who met us accompanied us to our car, again apologising for the inconvenience.

SIA had not been at fault for the mix-up in Hong Kong, yet it rendered us assistance every step of the way.

I am very impressed by the service and I commend SIA's Hong Kong and Singapore staff for their good work.

David Yeo

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