Bouquets: Doctor raises bar for patient care

Doctor raises bar for patient care

On Feb 1, I was at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, waiting to see Dr Tng Eng Loon.

It was a long wait and the doctor was very apologetic when I entered the consultation room.

I was surprised to see 30 sheets of paper on his desk, containing the results of the blood test Dr Tng ordered when I was hospitalised for two days in November last year.

Dr Tng had just spent two hours in non-stop consultations with patients, and I was certainly not expecting him to take the time to explain all 30 sheets to me. Yet, he did. This full disclosure and medical explanation is a behaviour I had never seen in a doctor before.

Dr Tng has raised the bar and shown that despite the busyness of his work, he still treats the health of his patients as his top priority.

Jeremy Cheong Weng Kee

Kind 'brother' in a hospital

About three years ago, I was admitted to National University Hospital (NUH) Ward 54.

There, I noticed a senior nursing staff member speaking to patients, dishing out words of comfort and advice, cleaning sores and dressing wounds.

This was Mr Michael Chong Soon Hua. I approached him and he asked if I needed help. I asked if he could buy breakfast for me, and he agreed.

When he returned with my food, he offered to buy me nice vegetarian beehoon whenever he came to work.

He was a very kind "brother" in an environment where patients are usually on their own. He would always find time to chat with us during his break.

He retired last December but was re-employed by NUH.

I recently met him again at the new NUH Dialysis Centre @ Alexis. It is a blessing to have him working there, where he can bring joy and happiness to patients. I salute Mr Chong for his dedication to nursing the sick and to making his retirement life more meaningful.

Sng Jin Chye

Wallet returned by kind couple

On the morning of Feb 15, I left my wallet on bus service 293 and was not optimistic that it would be returned to me. However, that evening, a couple came to my home to return it.

I was very touched by their kind act, and I thank them both for taking the trouble to travel to my home.

Tan De En

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