Bouquets : Doc gave maid hope in cancer battle

Doc gave maid hope in cancer battle

Two years ago, my maid's good friend, Ms Snooky, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

As her employer was overseas, I took her to see a doctor.

The doctor was unsympathetic and dismissive, saying that as a domestic worker, Ms Snooky could not afford treatment in Singapore and should return to the Philippines. His callous attitude deeply affected Ms Snooky and she wanted to give up seeking treatment.

Then, we got a recommendation to see Associate Professor Mikael Hartman from the National University Hospital. Although he was not able to treat Ms Snooky, he was extremely kind and encouraging.

He gave Ms Snooky many suggestions on her options, given her financial situation.

Because of his advice and the help of his nurses, we were able to help Ms Snooky seek treatment when she went home.

This year, Ms Snooky was well enough to return to work in Singapore, although she later suffered a relapse.

We are all grateful and thankful to the care and help given by Prof Hartman and his team.

Their encouragement gave Ms Snooky the confidence, hope, strength and desire to fight her cancer. It was the best thing they could have done for her.

Brenda Ho Chi Chia (Madam)

Superb healthcare team for mum

My mother died a few days ago.

It is now time to thank all the people who touched her life in one way or another.

First, Ms Jodie Sin of HCA Hospice Care, who was tireless in attending to my mother whenever we called for help.

We are also appreciative of the team of doctors and nurses - too numerous to name - at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital for their care and counsel.

My family and I are very thankful for such dedication and great care shown to my mother.

She certainly was a beneficiary of the superb healthcare system Singapore has built over the years.

Phua Poo Chin

Lost bag returned intact

I am a Singaporean who now lives in Queensland, Australia.

On Aug 8, when I was in Singapore, I was in a hurry to watch the fireworks display and carelessly left my sling bag in the toilet at the open-air restaurant at One Fullerton.

Inside the bag were credit cards, my identity card, several other important cards, a bunch of keys and more than $100 in Australian and Singapore currency.

Later that month, however, my two nieces in Singapore were informed by the police that my bag was found and returned.

All its contents were intact.

The police declined to disclose the identity of the finder.

I am sincerely grateful to the person for finding my bag and handing it over to the proper authority.

Randolph Yeo

Home delivery of lost wallet

On Aug 21, I dropped my wallet while hurrying to catch a train at Jurong East MRT station.

When I discovered it was missing, I went back to look for it but could not find it.

The next morning, Mr Leow Kok Wai came to my house and returned the wallet.

I am extremely grateful to Mr Leow for his kind deed, and I thank him for going the extra mile in coming to my house to return it. I hope many other Singaporeans will experience such kindness and honesty.

Lisa Tang Mei Xin (Miss)

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