Bouquets: Considerate doctor at NUH

Considerate doctor at NUH

June 5 was supposed to have been a joyful day for Muslims like me as it was Hari Raya.

But it wasn't for me as I had to rush my three-year-old daughter to the National University Hospital's accident and emergency department because she was running a high fever.

However, the attending doctor made our visit a pleasant one with his professional attitude.

He promised to keep our visit as short as possible, considering we were in our Hari Raya attire. He also constantly updated me on the progress of my daughter until she was fit enough to go home.

It is very comforting to know that our government hospitals are managed so well with compassionate doctors. A big thank you to the doctor.

Rashid Osman

Many helped when car stuck on kerb

Recently, I drove my car onto a kerb at a carpark after dinner at Balestier Hawker Centre.

I could not get it back onto the road because all traction was lost as it sat on the kerb's edge.

At least a dozen people, ranging from senior citizens to young adults, offered to help to get the car out. After several attempts at shoving, lifting and manoeuvring, they managed to get the car on the road again. A big thank you to all who helped.

Ruth Wan

Keep up the good work, NEA

Last year, the National Environment Agency (NEA) issued about 39,000 tickets for littering offences, and about 2,600 repeat offenders were made to perform Corrective Work Order (NEA officers trained to carry out roles, June 8).

This explains the significant improvement we have seen with littering issues in Singapore.

Well done, NEA officers. Keep up the good work.

Sim Lim Onn

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