Bouquets : Bus driver takes lost boy home

Bus driver takes lost boy home

My six-year-old son was with my domestic maid on bus service 11 on March 11 at about 9am, heading for his speech therapy lesson in Orchard Road, when she dozed off.

When she opened her eyes, my son was no longer beside her and she got off the bus in search of him, not realising that he had gone to the back of the bus to lie down.

When my son realised my helper was no longer on the bus, he approached the bus driver and told him that he was lost.

The bus driver very kindly drove him back to our condominium, Pebble Bay, in Tanjong Rhu Road.

We are so grateful to this bus driver for his kind act.

People like him make Singapore a wonderful and safe place to bring up children.

Christina Pao Cohen (Ms)

Honest Grab driver returns bag of cash

A group of us recently made an ad hoc appeal for donations to help those who were hit by the floods in Sri Lanka. The collection amounted to many thousands of dollars.

Our treasurer, on reaching home, realised that he had left a bag of cash and documents behind in the Grab taxi he had taken earlier.

Many hours of anxiety followed, until he managed to reach the Grab driver, Mr Mohamad Rahim, who returned the bag.

It would have required Mr Rahim to ferry hundreds of passengers to make that amount of money but he was not tempted to take it. We cannot thank him enough.

The money is being sent to Sri Lanka and will help thousands of flood victims find relief.

Vincent Chua Ngak Yen

Quick treatment saves kidney

Last month, I experienced severe abdominal pain and went to consult a urologist.

It was discovered that a stone had blocked my ureter, causing one of my kidneys to get infected and have only 20 per cent function.

I was immediately admitted to National University Hospital's high-dependency ward 27 for a puncture procedure to drain the fluids in my kidney.

The plan was to wait until I recovered from the infection before carrying out a laserscopy to blast the stone, but my urologist, Dr Chua Wei Jin, recommended doing it sooner rather than later.

The surgery was done and I was transferred to ward 9B for recuperation and discharged three days later.

I thank the doctors and nurses who took care of me, especially Dr Chua, and nurses Tan Xiwen and Formoso.

Their dedication and commitment put my worries at ease and saved my kidney.

Chan See Phoi

Seamless care by hospital teams

On the night of Feb 7, I was taken to Singapore General Hospital's Accident and Emergency Unit with a broken hip.

I was impressed with the care provided, from the moment I was laid on a stretcher to the time I was taken to the ward four hours later.

The doctor-in-charge was kept updated of my condition and medication every time I was moved from one location to another.

That close, efficient seamless teamwork was visible everywhere, even with the occupational and physiotherapy teams. Everyone, from the consultant-in-charge and his team of doctors to the X-ray staff and diligent nursing teams, deserves to be commended for his commitment to the well-being of patients. It played no small part in my speedy recovery.

Jane Ng Pheck Choo

Pioneering doctor an inspiration to many

I read with interest that National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) will have a bigger and better building in five years' time (Bigger and better cancer centre to boost treatment; June 3).

I worked with the NCCS founder-director, Professor Soo Khee Chee, 20 years ago and had a ringside view of how he drove the development of cancer care in Singapore.

He chose to stay in the public service, even though the potential private-sector earnings were infinitely higher at the time.

He pushed for Singapore to be the Boston of the East. Boston is, of course, famous for Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Massachusetts General Hospital.

In his unassuming way, he contributed to modernising cancer care.

He also worked tirelessly with the Government and donors to raise funds for the first proton therapy centre in South-east Asia, which will be housed in the new NCCS building.

I hope Prof Soo's purpose-driven life can be a source of inspiration to future generations of medical students and doctors.

Steven Gregory Ang Boon Kiang (Dr)

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