Bouquets: Clear advice from CPF officers

Clear advice from CPF officers

My recent visit to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) service centre at Woodlands Civic Centre was most productive.

It takes time and effort to get complex issues sorted and completed correctly, but the officers' counsel was precise and clear.

They helped me to understand the application of interest rates on a monthly basis and how to customise my accounts to suit my needs.

It is always a pleasure to work with CPF officers who are patient and attentive.

A. Staveley-Taylor (Mrs)

Hospital team's tireless attention

My mother, Madam See Kee, was transferred recently to St Luke's Hospital for acute wound care.

The attention and love showered upon her by the staff was touching.

Despite my mother's temperament, they were able to coach her patiently to take her medicine and keep her clean.

It was incredible.

I wish to express my appreciation to Dr Leong, Dr Teo, Staff Nurse Nancy and her team, the therapist and all other members of the team who worked tirelessly to make my mother's stay as comfortable as possible.

I could not have wished for more.

Helen Koh (Ms)

Seniors happy after excursion

Yesterday, staff of St Andrew's Senior Care Centre at Our Tampines Hub arranged and took some seniors, including my father, to the Asian Civilisations Museum and on a river cruise.

It was not a simple task as these seniors have varying degrees of mobility. It was also raining, and moving them around in wheelchairs under such conditions became a challenge for all.

However, after this half-day outing, the seniors returned to the centre safe and with broad smiles on their faces.

Kudos to the staff of St Andrew's Senior Care Centre at Our Tampines Hub who made this outing possible.

They have made the seniors and their families happy.

Lim Lih Mei (Ms)

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