Bouquets :Carried through crisis by kindness

Carried through crisis by kindness

On the morning of Sept 24, I was trekking with two friends at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, on the loop beyond the summit, leading to the Dairy Farm trail.

I did not feel comfortable and was short of breath. My chest was also aching.

A friend set off to look for help. He returned with a group of about 10 strangers who were in the area.

I needed an ambulance, but there was no way one could reach me through such difficult terrain. My options were to walk back to the summit, where an ambulance could drive up to, or to walk down to the Dairy Farm entrance.

The group decided that getting me back to the summit was a better option. They then took turns to carry me up the more than 200 steps to reach the summit access road.

Through their hard work, I was taken to hospital in time. I am now recuperating at home after a major operation.

I am so grateful to these strangers who answered my call for help.

Louis Lai Mong Yuen

Thoughtful resident during Zika outbreak

At the height of worries over the Zika outbreak, I visited Block 196 in Bishan Street 13 and was pleasantly surprised to find a bottle of mosquito repellent resting on the hand rail in the lift.

It had been lovingly made by an anonymous resident, using a carefully researched blend of essential oils. A note, telling fellow residents they were free to use it, accompanied the repellent.

I thank this resident for the generosity and kindness.

Christabel Tan Mei Shan (Ms)

Cafe serves up good service, integrity

My family and I went to Emporium Shokuhin food hall in Marina Square on Monday and enjoyed the service and snacks at a cafe there.

Three hours after we left, I could not find my wallet and suspected that I had dropped it at the cafe.

My daughter called the food hall immediately. Ronnie answered the call and was very friendly and helpful. He said he would help me look for the wallet, and I was relieved when he called me later to say it had been found.

I am grateful to Ronnie and the cafe's staff Brandon and Margaret. It was Brandon who found my wallet on the floor and kept it in a safe place for me.

We are touched and we thank them for their honesty and integrity, as well as their good service.

Sarah Koh Kok Loo (Ms)

Great experience at hospital

Last Friday, I was admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH). I must say my experience at the hospital was excellent.

I especially thank Adjunct Assistant Professor Png Keng Siang of the urology department, Dr Lai Poi Leng of the anaesthesia department and all the medical personnel at TTSH Day Surgery Centre.

I am also deeply appreciative of all the medical staff for their caring and professional service and treatment.

Tham Chew Thor

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