Bouquets: Caring assistance from total strangers

Caring assistance from total strangers

On a Sunday recently, visiting from the UK, I took a tumble along Orchard Road, severely spraining my ankle.

Two women who said they were nurses came to my aid.

They got me an ice pack from a nearby bar and took great care of me.

Another woman joined the first two.

This third woman stayed with me until I had recovered my composure and helped me flag a taxi to take me home.

Such kindness and consideration from these women.

Stephen Byfield

Bath, UK

Patient, concerned doctors at polyclinic

I would really like to thank the doctors at Woodlands Polyclinic, especially Dr Yuen Soo Hwa, who have treated me since my first visit in August.

Each visit here was always pleasant and a lovely experience.

They showed not only patience but also concern and empathy.

The long wait at the polyclinic is certainly worthwhile.

It is no wonder that so many elderly people visit this polyclinic.

Ng Li Shong (Ms)

Top-notch service from POSB staff

I feel a deep sense of gratitude towards the manager and staff of POSB Bedok branch, at Block 213, Bedok North Street 1.

Last Saturday, my disabled sister who is a wheelchair user had to be taken to the POSB to close her old account.

As there were steps leading to the POSB office, we asked if a staff member could assist us.

In spite of the crowd, a POSB officer came out, got us a queue number and, with help from others, carried my sister into the office and immediately attended to her.

Within 20 minutes, everything was done. On our way out, another bank officer took out a portable folding ramp and placed it on the steps, allowing us to push the wheelchair down the ramp with ease.

We were overwhelmed by the help, understanding and compassion the staff showed.

That portable ramp is also a great idea.

All branches should have it to help wheelchair users.

It will save them the difficulty of lifting wheelchair users up the stairs.

Constance Jacob (Mrs)

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