Bouquets: Calming kindness eased trauma

Calming kindness eased trauma

Last Saturday morning, my husband and I made our way to Parkway Parade for our weekly grocery shopping.

As we turned into the carpark along Marine Parade Road, our motorcycle skidded and fell on both of us.

My husband suffered mild abrasions on his left palm and elbows while I broke a bone in my left arm. The accident happened so quickly, and I began to cry from the shock.

Many people around immediately offered to help us. Some lifted our motorbike, while others offered to call an ambulance. One woman even stopped her car to ask if she could take us to the nearest medical centre.

After that moment of pain and shock, the kindness showered on us steadied us and brought us much relief. My husband and I are very grateful and we thank all those who helped us that day.

Chiang Tack Mien (Mrs)

Inspired to pay it forward

On Oct 16, my scooter skidded at the Pioneer Road North slip road into the Pan-Island Expressway towards Tuas, and I broke my ribs.

Two men stopped to help me.

I did not learn the name of one of them. The other was Mr Richard Khoo.

There is a golden window before broken ribs become excruciatingly painful, and Mr Khoo drove me to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital within minutes.

I was hospitalised for one week and I received world-class care.

I am indebted to those two men and grateful that they were so quick to help me.

Mr Khoo told me that he would have been surprised if no one came to my aid.

Because of this, I have resolved to be more ready to help someone in need, to repay the good that I have received.

Chua Thiam Beng

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