Bouquets :Cabby forgoes fare to help driver

Cabby forgoes fare to help driver

On Monday, at around 10am, I was driving to pick up my grandson from his kindergarten when I noticed the temperature of my car rising rapidly.

I went to the Esso station along West Coast Road to get the water and engine oil levels checked, but was dismayed to find that the attendants did not know how to do the checks. I was frantic because I thought I would be late in picking up my grandson.

Just then, an SMRT taxi pulled up at the pumps. I approached the driver, and he graciously agreed to help. He opened my car's bonnet, did the check, then advised me to buy engine oil and coolant.

He helped me to fill up the water, coolant and engine oil. Since there was no funnel to pour in the engine oil, he made one from the coolant bottle.

He ensured that my car was in order before going back to his taxi.

I tried to pay him for the fare that he could have earned if he had not stopped to help me, but he refused to accept.

He could have picked up several passengers, as it was a rainy day, but he was so kind as to forgo his earnings to help me. I am so grateful for his assistance.

Amanda Choo Chiew Kuen (Ms)

Good Samaritans assist after accident

I was hit by a taxi on Nov 4 at around 12.30pm outside Hong Leong Building.

A few kind people stopped to help me. One person gave me a packet of plasters, and another provided his particulars in case I needed a witness.

I thank all of them who came forward to help me and attend to me that day.

Lee Chee Meng

Lost wallet found intact

On Nov 8, I was shopping at Nex FairPrice when I heard my name being called over the public announcement system. I ignored it, thinking the call was for someone with the same name as me.

Later, I heard my name again, this time, in Mandarin. I hurried to the customer service counter and discovered that a young man had found my wallet in the kitchen appliances section.

The wallet contained more than $100 in cash, my identity card, credit card and a few other cards. I cannot imagine the trouble I would have had to go through if the wallet had not been found.

I thank that young man for his honesty.

Low Wai Chun (Madam)

Kind stranger returns missing licence

My son's provisional driving licence was with me for renewal purposes when he went overseas for work.

However, I lost it recently, and had to wait for him to return to reapply for the licence.

Much to my surprise, a week later, I received the lost licence in the mail.

My greatest appreciation and thanks go to whoever found the licence and took the trouble to send it to us.

Chia Puay Lung (Madam)

A home away from home

Early last month, when my maid was on home leave, I enrolled my mother for a one-month respite care stay at Man Fut Tong Nursing Home.

I visited her every day and was deeply impressed with the nurses there. They demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and showed tender loving care to all the residents.

When I spoke to some long-time residents, I found that they were generally happy with the warmth and kampung spirit at the nursing home. One of them even commented that it was a home away from home.

Man Fut Tong Nursing Home is a shining example of how love, care and compassion can exist in nursing homes.

I hope other nursing homes can learn from Man Fut Tong Nursing Home and imbue healthcare staff with humanity and compassion, so that the image of nursing homes can transform from "soulless" to homes away from home.

Dave Phua Peng Hwee

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