Bouquets :Bus driver's service brightens day

Bus driver's service brightens day

On Nov 1, at around 6.45am, I boarded SMRT bus service 858 at Changi Airport Terminal 3, heading towards Sembawang.

The bus driver was exceedingly polite.

He greeted me and, throughout the journey, never failed to say "Good morning" to every commuter who boarded and to thank them when they alighted.

What impressed me was that he announced the destination at each bus stop.

Furthermore, he made efforts to negotiate road humps gently.

This driver has demonstrated remarkable dedication and exemplary customer service.

My encounter with him brightened up my day.

His disposition and demeanour remind me of another SMRT bus driver - Mr Tan Keng Lai, who previously drove service 859.

Joe Teo Kok Seah

Dedicated care in father's last days

My family and I are sincerely grateful to the doctors and nurses of Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kwan Hospital, where our father spent his last days.

We especially thank Dr Stanley Leong, Associate Professor Edward Poon, and the entire nursing team - Siti, Thelma, Evon, Catherine, Berdin, Fauziah and Elisa.

The nurses were so dedicated and showed genuine concern. When they changed shifts, they took the initiative to call me before leaving, to explain in detail who would be taking over and to update me on my father's condition.

Dr Leong was very sensitive to our family's feelings and very patient in explaining the various options to us.

He took the trouble of speaking in Mandarin so that my mother could also participate in the discussion.

Everyone spoke to us kindly and offered all the support and help we needed.

Even though our father eventually died peacefully on Nov 1, we are heartened that he spent his last days amid a very caring team, and this has made a huge difference to us.

Ng Wen Pon

Good memories for first-time visitors

While walking along Serangoon Road recently, my friend and I came across a couple from India who were in a dilemma after having forgotten their backpack, which contained their passports, when they alighted from SBS Transit service 64.

After learning about their situation, I drove them to the bus terminal in Sims Drive.

When we arrived, we met bus driver Souri Arvandham Selva Kumar, who calmed the couple and assured them that the backpack was safe.

They were so thankful and could not believe that they got the passports back.

Mr Kumar should be commended for his honesty, trustworthiness and exemplary positive attitude.

Because of him, these first-time visitors to Singapore would return home with fond memories of the country and of SBS Transit.

Vijay Kumar Ratty

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