Bouquets: Beauty of a simple greeting

Beauty of a simple greeting

The phrase "good morning" has become so mechanical that, sometimes, we utter it without even realising its worth.

However, the significance of this phrase comes across beautifully every morning when I tap out of Outram Park MRT station on my way to work.

Little did I know that a heartfelt "good morning" from the ever-smiling SBS Transit customer service assistant Teo Lye Kwee would make such a profound difference in my life.

For about eight months, I have seen the elderly Mr Teo's selfless, tireless smile accompanied by a sharp "good morning" to every commuter, day after day.

In an age where people have forgotten how to look one another in the eye, he stands there undeterred by the nine out of 10 commuters who do not acknowledge his efforts.

I am sure that he neither expects nor receives any bonus for the special touch he brings to what people may consider a monotonous job. But I am sure there are many others like me who respect him, and I offer him a heartfelt "thank you". His enthusiasm has given purpose and dignity to a routine job.

Smita Varma (Mrs)

Strangers helped mum who fell

At around 2pm on Feb 3, my mother lost her balance and fell near the Serangoon Gardens post office. She was not badly hurt, but she sustained a cut around her left eye and was bleeding.

Two strangers kindly helped her up. A petite maid held onto her, to assist her to a clinic across the road. A teenager who saw what happened wanted to call an ambulance, but my mother said she was all right. This young woman also accompanied my mother, pushing her shopping trolley to the clinic. Both good Samaritans stayed until they were sure she was in the care of the doctor. They declined to give their contact details, so my mother is thanking them for their kindness and reassurance through this channel.

It's nice to see that graciousness is still very much alive in our society.

Selina Ang Sze Woon (Ms)

Extra service, with a smile

On Monday, after paying for four bulky hampers at FairPrice Finest in Marine Parade, I realised that they had already been placed in the trolley by senior staff member Rennie Wong.

He suggested a place to load the hampers into my car, and pushed the trolley into the multi-storey carpark and waited for me to drive down - all of this of his own accord.

All the hampers were swiftly loaded, with his kind assistance.

The cherry on top was when I offered him a small tip for his trouble, and he replied with a toothy smile, "No need, it's part of my service to help".

I thank him for his thoughtful assistance.

Lim Wei Ting

Impressed by helpful bus driver

On Jan 24, I was on board SBS Transit Service 59 in Tampines Avenue 1 when I noticed a frail elderly woman carrying groceries in a push trolley trying to alight from the front door.

The bus driver, Mr Ken, saw her struggling and immediately left his seat to help her. With one hand, he held her arm to support her as she alighted, while with the other, he carried her trolley.

He made sure she had alighted safely before he returned to the driver's seat.

I applaud Mr Ken for his kindness and helpfulness in voluntarily assisting the elderly woman. His gentle, caring and thoughtful attitude impressed me and the other commuters.

Francis Cheng

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